Nails of the Week: Grown-Up Graduated Glitter Manicure

I don't know about you but I love a bit of glitter, especially at Christmas. I've been longing to do one of these graduated or ombre glitter mani's for such a long time. Now that my 5 month old is sleeping pretty much through the night, I finally managed to get an evening free to give this a go.

The reason I called this the 'grown-up' glitter mani is because it's a teeny bit practical!  I've snuck in a few tricks to hopefully make it last longer: The base is gel polish which should last me a week at least. I've also used a neutral colour which will disguise the regrowth, it's also a good shade to paint over if I get bored!   

There are a few ways to get this graduated glitter effect but I find the method below the simplest and the quickest:

For the base coat I used Sensationail gel polish in Fuzzy Navel. The finer glitter is Models Own in Northern Lights and the chunkier glitter is Models Own in Pink Fizz. Followed by a top coat of Seche Vite.
P.S. When applying the glitter, don't be too precise, the more irregular this looks the better!

Obligatory claw hand photo:

Someone got a hold of my polish this morning and requested 'Spa-kululy Tootsies'. How could I say no?


Little Jones Style Style: Mothercare Fair Isle

I've shied away from Mothercare for quite a while, too many primary colours and generally a bit garish for our liking ( John Lewis and M&S you are also guilty of this!). Lately however I have been pleasantly surprised. Recently I've noticed tons of gorgeous knitwear and beautiful french style outfits in muted mauves, taupes and lilacs which we totally heart!! Love the mothercare quality and the price range too of course.

Little E and I are currently obsessed with this cream Fair isle leggings & cardi combo with matching t-shirt, very Pocahontas chic!

There's nothing like a bit of Fair isle to make you feel all warm and Christmassy is there?


Postpartum Hair Loss: Round 2.

One of the most fantastic things about being pregnant, aside from my wonderful bambinos of course, has been the dramatic hair growth. My hair is now the longest that it has ever been but by a cruel twist of fate, over the past 2 months my hair has been falling out by the bucket load. Postpartum hair loss sucks.

I knew to expect the hair loss, the exact same thing happened when little E was around 3 months old too. I just hoped that it would be different this time somehow, having had a boy second time around. Then one morning I stepped out of the shower to find what looked like clumps of hair left behind, then again when I styled my hair. Everywhere I go there is a trail of long blonde hair, it's as though we have a moulting golden retriever living with us. I now have two bald patches either side of my forehead. I contemplated posting a photo but I like my blog to be a happy place, and there is no way of making my receding hairline look pretty. So instead, my latest beauty mission has been to disguise my post partum hair loss and hopefully encourage my hair to grow back, ASAP.

Step one: Raid pinterest for some lovely sweep fringe hair inspiration. I really didn't want anything too blunt or short that would be difficult to grow out because I know from past experience that in a few more weeks, when  my hair (hopefully) finally starts to grow back. I'll be blessed with these annoying baby hairs that will stick up all over the place and make my lovely sweepy fringe resemble the headcrest of a cockatoo.

Step two: Lighten my hair. After a year of ombre, I finally said goodbye to dark roots and went back to highlights and allover colour. I find that when the baby hairs grow back, the lighter they are, the less they show up against my scalp, making them easier to conceal. 

Step three:  Nioxin. Nioxin is a hair system ( shampoo, conditioner & scalp treatment) designed specifically for hair loss. I have been using it for about a month now and I am already noticing regrowth and I seem to be shedding slightly less. Admittedly (and hopefully) this could be because the hair loss is slowing down. Nioxin comes in 6 different ranges, each suited to your hair type and degree of hair loss. I chose number 6 designed for noticeably thinning medium to coarse hair natural of chemically treated hair.

I'd really love to hear if anyone has any tips for post partum hair loss remedies. Everything I've researched seems to have pros and cons. I've heard Sea Kelp helps but increases your appetite ( so don't need to put on any more weight!) Minoxidil supposedly works well but is a no no if you're breastfeeding.

 And finally, to put things in perspective a little bit:


This Mama Loves: Liz Earle

Remember I did the oatmeal face mask a while ago? Well it still works a treat but I have been on the lookout for a good skincare routine that would also help calm my sensitive skin. Towards the end of my pregnancy I tried out Dermalogica's Ultra Calming range. It is really lovely and soothing but I did get frustrated having to use both a serum and a moisturiser! Plus, the Dermalogica range is fantastic but not cheap!!

So, I did a little more research and came across Liz Earle's products. I carted the little ones ( Luckily they were both asleep!!) down to the Liz Earle store on Duke of York Square where the fantastic sales assistant recommended their Cleanse and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser along side the Skin Repair Moisturiser for Dry/Sensitive Skin and the Instant Boost Skin Tonic. I bought the smallest bottles to test out the products and have since been back to buy more!

The Hot Cloth Cleanser: I don't normally use cream cleansers because I find them too heavy for my skin but I find this one really effective in removing my makeup without feeling gunky. I love the ritual of using a hot muslin cloth to remove my make up, it's really soothing and gently. To begin with I just hold the hot cloth over my skin and breathe in the lovely lavender scented cream. I use the muslin (Which you can buy in store) two or three times and then throw it in the washing machine/ tumble dryer with all the Aden & Anais baby muslins.

The Instant Boost Skin Tonic: This is just a fantastic and gently toner, with no alcohol. It smells faintly of rose (but not in a granny's handbag kinda way).

Skin Repair Moisturiser for Dry/Sensitive Skin: A really yummy moisturiser, my skin is quite oily but this doesn't feel at all greasy. One thing I'm not a fan of though is the smell, it reminds me of Veet hair removal cream. This is such a fantastic skin care range though that I can totally forgive the smell, which thankfully doesn't lurk around after the moisturiser has been applied.

I still use my Konjac sponge in the mornings and I find the whole combination works really really well. My skin looks really plumped up and smooth, I feel like I have less lines which just goes to show how many wrinkles are due to dehydration rather than ageing! One of my all-time favourite moisturisers is the incredible Creme de la Mer and I would go so far to say that this is just as good and of course infinitely more affordable.

Since my littlest was born, this summer, I have never felt so slummy in all my life. Apart from the fact that I still have a ton of baby weight to shed and my lovely long thick hair is falling out by the bucket load, I'm so busy with my gorgeous twosome that I barely get a minute to pile on the slap so I do really appreciate having lovely glowing skin that this skin care routine has given me.

I've been recommending this collection to anyone who will listen, have you tried this range?


Thomas & Friends Christmas Journey

Today, we stepped out of blogging hibernation to make a trip to Hamleys of Regent Street for a very worthy cause. Thomas the tank engine and friends are undertaking an epic journey this Christmas, to help the Fat Controller deliver gifts to children in hospitals all over the UK & Ireland and their journey began in London, this morning.

We hopped in a taxi, as you can see little E was super excited!!

When we arrived at Hamleys, we had exclusive access to the store for an hour before it opened to the general public. There was face painting, balloon modelling, story telling with the Fat Controller, and of course…. colouring in!!

We stuck around after the store opened to the public at Midday on a mission to get some Christmas gift inspiration. We needn't have worried, little E was very clear with what she 'Needed'. 'I need this' was her phrase du jour.
I've always loved Hamleys and as children my sister and I would beg my parents to take us there whenever we were on a shopping trip to London. My mother always allowed us to choose a small treat each and following in this tradition, little E chose something for herself and for her baby brother. She made a bee line straight for the Peppa Pig section and then chose a teething toy for Rufio.

To find out more about Thomas & Friends Christmas Journey, check out www.tracksforthomas.com



Hi everyone, long time no blog!

Since my last post, we now have a new addition to the family and seeing as he is now just over a month old I thought it was high time I introduced him to the rest of my blog readers, who don't follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Say hello to......


Everything went exactly to plan with the birth ( I opted for an elective c-section)  and just like his big sister, he is absolutely adorable. Little E has turned out to be the most amazing and caring big sis and we are so incredibly proud of how well she has adjusted to her new role.

The last month has been a whirlwind of nappy changes, bleary eyed night time feeds and midwife visits but once things settle down I can't wait to get back to blogging. If my quest for yummy mummyness was challenging with one little munchkin to look after then two is a whole different ball game so stay tuned....


The Oatmeal Face Mask

Last night, whilst editing the collage below, Mr Jones looked over at my screen and said 
'What the hell is that?!!' 
Me 'Erm, I'm writing a blog post about the oat face mask' 
Him 'You're nuts!'
Me ' Well maybe, but it's too good not to share'  

Mr Jones can laugh all he wants but the Oatmeal face mask is absolutely brilliant! I can't rave about this mask enough, my itchy skin feels soothed afterwards and the oats act as a very very gentle exfoliant, leaving my skin super soft as well. The results are as good ( if not better) than any luxury face mask! It's so cheap and easy to make and it's hypoallergenic too. Despite making fun of me, Mr Jones even commented on how soft my skin felt after the mask!!

Over the past few years I've suffered with redness on my cheeks and since becoming pregnant again, the skin on my face is really easily irritated and itchy, I think it's probably Rosacea but I have never been formally diagnosed.

I love DIY face masks and have been using The Aspirin face mask for a while but I needed something gentler and didn't think Aspirin was a great idea when pregnant either! I noticed that many many products for sensitive skin contained oats so I did a bit of research and discovered the Oatmeal face mask, made from products that I already had in my kitchen cupboard, perfect!!

2 tablespoons of porridge oats ( I just used Quaker porridge oats)
1 tablespoon of runny honey
4 tablespoons of water

To make:

  • Put the oats in a food processor and blend* for 10-20 seconds
  • Add the water and honey 
  • Blend for a further 30 seconds, or as desired
  • Apply to the face and leave on for 20mins
  • Wash off with water

*you can skip the blending stage if you wish, this is just to make the mask consistency creamier and therefore easier to apply.

You can also experiment with other combinations, for example you could add milk or greek yogurt depending on what works best for you. I find that the recipe above is the most effective for me though.

If you're interested in DIY treatments, here are some that I have blogged about in the past :

 I love discovering new homemade treatments. Have you tried any DIY face masks?


My Maternity Wear Style Stars

I looooove fashion and shopping for new clothes but I find dressing whilst pregnant ridiculously difficult. It's so hard to find clothes that aren't frumpy yet are still comfy so I've got to hand it to all those expectant celebs who have to dress for the cameras on a daily basis. It seems that there's a bit of a celebrity baby boom going on once again, so I've put together some of style favourites from recent celebrity mama's to be:

Lucy-Jo Hudson: Truthfully, Former Coronation Street actress Lucy- Jo Hudson isn't really someone who's ever been on my style radar although since she announced her pregnancy I've been really loving her look. She looked absolutely perfect in this Grecian inspired Tiffany Rose Anastasia gown which she wore to to the British Soap Awards last month. 
The gown could easily be worn as bridal wear but Lucy-Jo has managed to explore the gown's versatility and steered her look more towards classic old Hollywood style rather than the aisle, thanks to her vibrant red lipstick, classic up do and statement jewellery. 
To recreate this look, the link to the Anastasia gown can be found Here.  

The best of the rest:

Kourtney Kardashian: In my opinion, Kourtney, who gave birth to baby Penelope last summer, is by far the most stylish of the Kardashian clan. I absolutely love this red swing dress and black Louboutin combination.
Sienna Miller: It comes as no surprise really that the eternally stylish Sienna had no problems translating her boho chic style in to maternity wear, whilst expecting her daughter Marlowe. The Breton stripe top and jeans look could easily be worn post pregnancy and the cape adds a touch of luxe to the look.
Malin Akerman: Swedish beauty Malin looks effortlessly chic in this flattering black daytime outfit, whist pregnant with baby Sebastian. The brown boots and scarf lift the look and prevent it from looking too sombre.
Fearne Cotton: Fearne Cotton was quite open about the fact that she detested maternity wear and instead opted to wear items from her own range, a few sizes larger than normal. I love her in this blue floral dress which she wore on the red carpet although if you look closely you can tell that it's not maternity wear because it's raised slightly at the front, where the cut of the dress hasn't allowed for a bump.
Kristin Cavallari: As with Lucy-Jo Hudson, I hadn't really paid much attention to 'The Hill's' Star Kristin Cavallari's dress sense, until she became pregnant. This grey evening gown looks super elegant and the ruching flatters her bump impeccably.
Kristen Bell: Kristen looks incredible in this grey billowing Jenny Packham gown, to create a similar look check out the red carpet collection from Tiffany Rose Here!
Fergie: I absolutely adore Fergie in this Mary Katrantzou dress which she wore to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards earlier this year. Admittedly she was then much earlier on in her pregnancy than some of the other celebs shown, Fergie really shows us how to get away with wearing regular clothes when pregnant ( poor old Kim K really should have been taking note!)
The Duchess of Cambridge: When it comes to dressing the bump, Kate really can do no wrong in the eyes of the public. This peach Tara Jarmon coat has been one of my favourites. However, with every fashion house known to man begging to dress her, I do feel that she has it easier than most so she really should be getting it spot on! I think that she dresses a little old for her age, but it's nothing that a fabulous statement necklace couldn't fix!
And, and I have another teeny weeny bugbear- Kate and I are due the same day and my bump is ( no joke!) 3 times the size of hers. I think it's far easier to dress well when your bump is relatively small.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting at my laptop looking like Mr Greedy, so yes, I am just the slightest bit jealous!

I really debated over whether to do a whole 'what not to wear' section and generally I like to stay away from negativity on the blog ( I need all the good karma I can get right now!) But I will say that whatever style choices you make when pregnant, do not, I repeat DO NOT, even consider wearing nude and Perspex stiletto sandals, when you are suffering from swollen feet, or any vertiginous heels for that matter. I have no problem with women wearing heels during pregnancy but Kim Kardashian's sandals in the photo below just look as though they are cutting off her circulation. I know she has an image to uphold, but this outfit just looks uncomfortable.

*This post is a PR collaboration.


Nails of the week- CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Review: Summer Brights Collection

I haven't done a nails of the week post for quite a while, in fact I haven't really done much blogging over the past month. I've been so tired with working, being pregnant and looking after little E that I would just crash out whenever I had a moment free. Now however,  I'm on maternity leave getting ready for the arrival of Baby Jones 2.0 so hopefully I'll have time for a few posts before we welcome our little bundle in just a few short weeks!!

Back to the nails!! I've been eagerly awaiting the launch of these newVinylux weekly polishes from CND- the makers of Shellac. Here's the interesting bit:
  • They are said to last up to 7 days, without the need of a UV light, just a special topcoat which becomes more durable with exposure to natural light. 
  • No base coat is needed
  • No professional application necessary, it's applied just like regular polish 
  • They are quick drying
  • Best of all they, can be removed with regular nail polish so no more hours on end spent unglamorously soaking off gels. 
Sounds like a game changer, right?

Obviously, being the nail polish nut that I am, I instantly went on the search for some of this wonder polish, and I came across the Summer Brights collection of mini polishes on eBay. The mini bottles sounded like an ideal way to test the product and try out a few shades at the same time 

The collection consists of a bottle of the top coat, which you absolutely have to use to get the most out of this product and the shades Lobster Roll, Pink Bikini, Grape Gum and Water Park ( seen below in order). Lobster Roll is a gorgeous bright summery red, Pink Bikini is an almost neon vibrant pink shade. Grape gum is a frosted purple and water park a metallic blue, I don't care much for frosted polishes so not sure how much use I will get out of these two!

Please, please, please excuse my raggedy cuticles seen below, dry hands is one of the things I won't miss about being pregnant!

Lobster Roll, below was my absolute favourite colour out of the four so I have decided to test this shade out over the next week and I will report back to let you all know if this polish is indeed as wonderful as it sounds.

I am so excited to see if this actually lasts a week, those of you who read my blog regularly will know how frustrated I get with regular polish as it only ever lasts a couple of days on me. Hence the reason why I tend to go for DIY gel manicures.
Have you tried CND's Vinylux system yet or something similar?


30 week update- three quarters baked!!!

  • Last weekend we went for to see our little Bean in 3D, and it seems that beanie already bears a striking resemblance to big sis little E! The lips and nose are very very similar. The 3D scan was such a fantastic experience that it deserves a post of it's very own which will be coming soon!!!  
  • I'm now just over 30 weeks pregnant and my not so little bean is now the size of a large cabbage!!!
  • My regular clothes have been resigned to the back of the wardrobe and I am very very thankful for my wardrobe staples which come in the form of my Seraphine Skinny Maternity Jeans ( the only jeans I could find that actually stayed up!) and my Keungzai Super Soft Maternity Leggings  which are simply amazing!
  • 3rd trimester has hit me like a ton of bricks, as soon as I reached the 28 week mark I started to feel exhausted once again, Back pain and SPD has also returned, I feel like I'm constantly complaining about something ( see below!) Moving house, working and looking after little E has taken it's toll and it's definitely time for me to start slowing down, fortunately I only have a few more weeks left in work. 
  • Loving having super long and thick hair but not loving drying and styling it because I get far too hot and flustered. Time to make use of the local blowdry bar I think.....
  • Thankfully still no sign of the dreaded pregnancy acne this time, instead my skin is really dry and itchy, I have recently discovered Dermalogica's Ultra Calming range which is helping immensely.
  • Byebye feet!!!! DIY Pedi's are a thing of the past seeing as I can no longer reach my toes!!! Salon Pedicures are de rigeur for the foreseeable future, with the odd manicure thrown in for good measure!!


Little Jones Style: Diane von Furstenberg at BabyGap

Last week London finally saw a little bit of sun, and it actually felt a quite toasty. Well at 29 weeks pregnant, anything over 16 degrees feels boiling to me right now. Anyhow, little E and I decided to embark on a trip to the Kings Road to stock up on some summer goodies for her. We stepped in to Gap Kids and to our delight, DVF's limited edition explorer collection had quite literally just landed on the shelves.

Now I'm a huge DVF fan myself, her dresses are completely timeless, exquisitely cut and on top of all that, you can throw them in a suitcase and they still come out looking pristine when you arrive at your destination. So, last year, I was very excited about DVF's first gap collaboration but in reality I preferred the collection for older girls and couldn't really find anything that suited little E. This time around, I found the selection more appropriate for her age, we were quite literally spoiled for choice and although little E is only 20 months, she already knows what she does and doesn't like when it comes to clothes. Apparently it's payback time, my mother tells me when I was little E's age, I too would pick out clothes and especially shoes for myself when taken shopping, refusing to compromise on anything my parents chose for me! Anyhow, here's what we came away with:

E adores the wrap dress, which comes with little shorts worn underneath and we had trouble getting her to take it off at bath time. She also has a fondness for lions and tigers so the leggings were also a big hit!


The Double Buggy Debate

What's the deal with double buggies? There are heaps of stylish AND practical strollers around for 1 child but when you move on to the doubles it seems you have to compromise between something ugly but practical or something that looks great but is like pushing a tank around.
With Baby Jones 2.0 due in under 3 months, Mr Jones and I have been doing some serious research in to double pushchairs, yet we can't seem to find the perfect one. These are our top 3 so far.....

1. The Bugaboo donkey- we visited Peppermint in Chiswick who very kindly allowed us to take the Donkey home with us to check that it fit in our boot and importantly, through our front door! We just managed to fit it in the boot of our BMW 1 series, in the Duo formation ( i.e. 1 cot and 1 seat) . As with all Bugaboos it is a super cool ride, E loved sitting in it, it's relatively easy to collapse, especially if you are already familiar with the Bugaboo Chameleon. Most of all, I love that both siblings travel first class, I'm not a fan of the tandem buggies where one child can only see the back of the seat in front although I totally understand their practicality from a parent's point of view. My main problem with this stroller, and this could be the deal breaker, is that it feels very very wide. The shop assistant told me that in the Duo configuration, the donkey measures 74cms which is less than the width of an average door and roughly only 10cms bigger than the Chameleon. It did fit through our front door although I'm not sure how long our newly painted hallway will remain pristine with this baby being carted around.

2. Mima Kobi- from an aesthetic point of view, this is my absolute favourite. The Kobi is a beauty, I totally fell for it just like I did with our Stokke Xplory. It's a piece of cake to collapse, it's a dream to push around, I love the clever design and the way that when not in use the carrycot can be conveniently stored in the back of the regular seat.  Even though this is a tandem stroller, there is quite a large gap between both seats so both children get a good view. As with the Xplory,  child at the top has the advantage of close contact with the parent although obviously the child underneath cannot benefit from this. At 20 months, little E ( or not so little as it seems) is apparently rather tall for her age, her head already touches the top of the canopy when seated in the Kobi so I wonder how long she would be able to sit comfortably in this seat. For this reason, even the sales assistant admitted that the Donkey was the better option. I was heart broken!

3. Orbit double Helix- This has yet to be released in the UK so I can't really comment on this but from the images on their website, what I like about this stroller is that both children have great seats and as it's an in line stroller, I wouldn't have to worry about it being too wide. For the techno geeks among us it even comes with a built in iPad holder!!!! I contacted Orbit via their Facebook page and they told me that the double Helix should be available in the UK from July. As little bean is due mid July, I'm wondering if this is cutting things a little too fine if on closer inspection, we don't actually like this pushchair.

All in all I can't actually find anything that makes me willing to part with my beloved Stokke Xplory. Yes, Stokke have introduced a sibling seat for their new Crusi stroller but it is apparently only designed for occasional use. I have seen the Crusi in person and sibling seat really does seem like an afterthought, placed in the middle of the shopping basket, the seat only seemed to have one position so I don't think this is an option for us, why Stokke why?????

Writing out the pros and cons for this blog post I can see that the Donkey probably makes the most sense for us, and I do quite like the look of the new all black chassis.  What do you think, are there any other models of double strollers that I should investigate? 


Bits n Bobs

1. Like a good (1/2) Greek girl, I love my Feta! THIS recipe for Feta dip from The Londoner, is so easy that even I can make it!!

2. I have recently discovered THIS fantastic 30 minute prenatal yoga clip with Lara Dutta on YouTube, it helps to me to wake up in the morning, which is becoming increasingly difficult as I head towards 28 weeks.

3. I'm coveting THESE monogram studs from Anthropologie, I would of course have the letter E.

4. THIS tutorial for winged eyeliner from The Beauty Department is foolproof and works fantastically well.


Nails of the Week- Sensationail Fuzzy Navel

This week's nails of the week is Sensationail's Fuzzy Navel, a neutral pink shade. In case you don't remember, Sensationail is a gel polish which I reviewed a while ago here
Checking out Sensationail's website a few weeks ago I noticed they had added a few new shades to their collection and I let out a little squeal of excitement when I saw a swatch that looked like it could be the illusive peach gel polish that I have been searching for.....

Well as you can see, it's not quite what I was looking for and the actual shade is far pinker than the swatch shown on their website. It is also quite sheer so I applied three coats to achieve opacity. Whilst it's quite a pretty shade, it's still rather tame for my tastes so I added a little love heart to make things a little more interesting.
To achieve the heart, I used Gelish Tiger Blossum gel polish. Using a cocktail stick I placed three tiny circles of polish in a triangle shape and then joined them together to create a heart shape and filled it out slightly.

If you have any suggestions for a peach gel polish then please, pretty please, let me know!!!


My Mama Makeover- Sneak Peak

A few weeks ago, I was suuuuppper excited to find out that I had been selected for a mama makeover with Keungzai and Juno Mum magazine!!!! So yesterday, our home was turned in to girlie heaven as Michelle arrived from Keungzai with a suitcase full of fabulous maternity clothes with makeup artists Remy and hair stylist Mickie of Face Addict Hair Junkie in tow followed by the fantastic photographer Diane Betties and her assistant Justin ( the only guy as Mr Jones did a runner as soon as he saw all the make-up appear!)

I was very paranoid that Michelle wouldn't be able to find any clothes to fit me as I hadn't lost all my baby weight from little E before getting pregnant again. I needn't have worried though as not only did Michelle have plenty of outfits that fit but they were all absolutely beautiful, chic and made of the softest, comfiest fabrics.
Now I'm a bit of a shopaholic, but even I begrudge forking out $$$ for maternity clothes that will only be worn for a few months. The Keungzai range is has all been very cleverly designed so that it can be worn both during and after pregnancy, genius! 

I got to wear some fabulous accessories and jewellery but my favourite had to be this gorgeous leather handbag from Pitterpac, which is actually....... a changing bag!! Can you believe it??? I want!!

Luckily the sun popped out to say hi for the first time this year!! It was still a little chilly though.

I'm so excited to see the final results which should be in the first ever issue of Juno Mum magazine, out this summer.
Throughout both pregnancies, I haven't really let anyone take any photos of me. Mainly because I've felt so uncomfortable with myself and how I look, but yesterday I was made to feel like a superstar and everyone was SO lovely. Wouldn't it be great if all mamas could get pampered like that once in a while?


Pregnancy Beauty Essentials for Hands & Body

I had so many products that I wanted to use in this post that I decided to split it in to two, one for hands & body and another for facial products. My skin is, to quote my godmother's melodramatic description 'Parched'! so most of these products are super moisturising and generally quite fantastic, even if you're not expecting! Here's the first instalment:

1. St Tropez Gradual Tan Medium/ Dark A few reasons why this is on my list, first of all my skin is currently too dry for regular self tan so the added moisturiser in this product is very very welcome. Secondly, I'm far too tired at night now to bother with tanning lotions and I can slather this one on every morning after my shower. Thirdly, I'm hypersensitive to smells right now and fortunately I can detect only the slightest whiff of eau de fake tan. Finally, I love the glow this gives me and I no longer feel like a pregnant marshmallow. One coat takes the edge off garishly pasty skin and 2-3 coats gives the appearance of having spent a few days in the sun!!
A few points to note, if you're really fair skinned then I would go for the lighter version. Also you still need to maintain this as you would any other fake tan i.e. exfoliate regularly.

2.Superdrug Moisture Cuticle Oil Pen I spotted this in Superdrug a while ago and picked it up mainly because of the convenient pen design with built in cuticle pusher. It slots nicely in to my handbag so I can moisturise my ravaged cuticles when I'm out and about. This contains both Vitamin E and almond oil ( which smells amazing!) and comes in at a bargaintastic £2.99!! Vogue calls this product 'Miraculous', what higher accolade could you ask for?

3. Skintruth Creamy Cuticle Remover I spotted this product whilst having a manicure in a very smart salon in Belgravia and very sneakily took down it's name as I was so impressed with it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it costs just £3.98 from Sally's. I use this now for my DIY manicures, it seems to dissolve any yucky cuticles in no time at all so I don't even need to bother with the cuticle cutters.

4. Aveda Hand Relief  Don't let the awful name put you off this brilliant hand cream. This was bought for me buy a friend ( a former Aveda colourist!) when I was pregnant with little E, apparently it leaves a barrier on your skin for up to 5 hand washes. This is seriously one of the best hand creams I've tried, non greasy, it smells gorgeous and lasts forever. Try the travel size tube if you're not convinced!
If you'd prefer something fragrance free then try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream Unscented.

5. Aveda Blue Oil This teeny little roller ball bottle contains peppermint and chamomile. Whenever I feel a mild headache coming on, I rub this on my temples and at the back of my neck, after a few minutes these areas feel slightly tingly and if I catch my headache in plenty of time it can actually stop it in it's tracks.

6. This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm I first reviewed this just before Christmas here. This really helps with dry and cracked skin on your feet and heels and has a really lovely light lavender scent. Earlier on in my pregnancy I really couldn't stand anything perfumed and found Compeed's Dry and Cracked Heel Overnight Cream which is unscented and is also rather wonderful too. 


Maternity Style Spring Wishlist

Shhhhhh!!! I'm a little bit obsessed with anything peach coloured. Ok so I'm not suggesting anyone wear this look head to toe, especially not when pregnant unless giant canteloupe is a look you're going for. So, here's my peachy wish list for maternity clothes, if and when the weather ever gets a little bit warmer!

Pretty Peach

Nail Polish- Chanel Emprise
Slouchy maternity top- Isabella Oliver
Suede Slippers- Charles Philip Shanghai
Peach Bubble Necklace- Etsy
Coral cropped jeans- Seraphine


Nails of the week- I'm in love with my Sophy Robson nail art.

Well you all know how much I love my nails products so a gift voucher for some nail art from my ever thoughtful sister was the perfect birthday present for me. Yes, my birthday was back in January but what with moving house, whilst trying not to be violently ill or fall asleep, this weekend was the first opportunity I had to get me some nail art.
Little E currently thinks it's hilarious to call her father and myself by our first names, so when I gave my name over the phone to make the  booking, E of course thought this was hilarious. I have no idea how the poor lady on the phone could hear a word I was saying thanks to my daughter screaming Becca! Becca!! Somehow we managed to find a suitable appointment and she also added that the salon was very child friendly if I wanted to bring little E along too!! 'Er no, I think I'll have an afternoon off' was my swift reply, but good to know for future reference.

So on a snowy Saturday afternoon, I waddled down to Hari's salon on the Kings Road where Sophy Robson's nail salon is based, Sophy is known for creating nail designs for the likes of Kylie, Kate Moss and Taylor Swift.  Upon arrival, I was met by the lovely Neringa who was my manicurist that day, I follow Neringa's nail designs on Instagram so I knew I was in good hands.

My appointment was booked for a gel manicure with nail art. I chose Gelish Go Girl as a base and then we looked over a selection of nail art, truthfully there were so many amazing designs that I found it impossible to choose so I just let Neringa work her magic. The final result was perfect, lots of girly glitter, bows and hearts, one happy customer!

I can't believe that this salon has been on my doorstep for the past few years and I haven't been before. I  will definitely be going back for more, next time even I'm contemplating some almond shaped nail extensions!! While I currently feel very pregnant and frumpy, my nails at least will be quite the opposite!

For more information Sophy Robson Nails, check out their website here!

p.s. I did mention on Instagram that I was going write up post about my new sensationail polish which I wore last week but changed my mind after this fabulous mani. I promise to post it next week though.

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Springtime Lippies

Believe it or not, today is supposedly the first day of spring! If, like me you're based in the UK, then you're probably still shivering away thinking what a load of nonsense. So, today's post is all about my current favourite bright lipsticks to put you a bit more in the springtime mood. Around this time of year I'm always compelled to reach out for peachy shades whether that be lipsticks, nail polishes, clothes, shoes, you name it! This pallet becomes progressively brighter towards summer time, usually to the point of blinding those around me. Today's lippies cover both ends of the spectrum. 

YSL's Rouge Volupte #13 Peach Passion fits the peach bill perfectly. I find peachy toned lipsticks notoriously difficult to wear, often appearing 'stuck on' rather than blending in with my skin tone but fortunately I don't have any such problems with this shade. As with all the YSL Rouge Volupte shades, this is beautifully creamy and lightweight, unfortunately this does mean that it doesn't have great staying power and I find I have to reapply after 2-3 hours. It does have a slightly fruity scent but it's not offensive enough to put off my current superhero strength olfactory senses. 

I'm am also currently in love with Mac's Candy Yum Yum Matte Lipstick. Originally a limited edition, this shade was brought back due to huge demand and I was lucky enough to get hold of the last tube left in the Kings Road Mac store. Although this lipstick is extremely bright with bluey undertones, I still find it flattering and incredibly wearable. Thanks to it's matte texture, this bad boy is an alldayer ( yeyy!!)  although this does mean it's on the drying side so I just apply coats of lip balm as it fades through the day and at the end I'm left with a pretty neon stain on my lips. 

If this post has managed to get you in the mood for springtime then check out my latest guest post with some inspiration for spring and summer fragrances over on my blogging buddy Karen's 365 Pearls of Wisdom

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