Pregnancy Beauty Essentials for Hands & Body

I had so many products that I wanted to use in this post that I decided to split it in to two, one for hands & body and another for facial products. My skin is, to quote my godmother's melodramatic description 'Parched'! so most of these products are super moisturising and generally quite fantastic, even if you're not expecting! Here's the first instalment:

1. St Tropez Gradual Tan Medium/ Dark A few reasons why this is on my list, first of all my skin is currently too dry for regular self tan so the added moisturiser in this product is very very welcome. Secondly, I'm far too tired at night now to bother with tanning lotions and I can slather this one on every morning after my shower. Thirdly, I'm hypersensitive to smells right now and fortunately I can detect only the slightest whiff of eau de fake tan. Finally, I love the glow this gives me and I no longer feel like a pregnant marshmallow. One coat takes the edge off garishly pasty skin and 2-3 coats gives the appearance of having spent a few days in the sun!!
A few points to note, if you're really fair skinned then I would go for the lighter version. Also you still need to maintain this as you would any other fake tan i.e. exfoliate regularly.

2.Superdrug Moisture Cuticle Oil Pen I spotted this in Superdrug a while ago and picked it up mainly because of the convenient pen design with built in cuticle pusher. It slots nicely in to my handbag so I can moisturise my ravaged cuticles when I'm out and about. This contains both Vitamin E and almond oil ( which smells amazing!) and comes in at a bargaintastic £2.99!! Vogue calls this product 'Miraculous', what higher accolade could you ask for?

3. Skintruth Creamy Cuticle Remover I spotted this product whilst having a manicure in a very smart salon in Belgravia and very sneakily took down it's name as I was so impressed with it. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it costs just £3.98 from Sally's. I use this now for my DIY manicures, it seems to dissolve any yucky cuticles in no time at all so I don't even need to bother with the cuticle cutters.

4. Aveda Hand Relief  Don't let the awful name put you off this brilliant hand cream. This was bought for me buy a friend ( a former Aveda colourist!) when I was pregnant with little E, apparently it leaves a barrier on your skin for up to 5 hand washes. This is seriously one of the best hand creams I've tried, non greasy, it smells gorgeous and lasts forever. Try the travel size tube if you're not convinced!
If you'd prefer something fragrance free then try Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Concentrated Hand Cream Unscented.

5. Aveda Blue Oil This teeny little roller ball bottle contains peppermint and chamomile. Whenever I feel a mild headache coming on, I rub this on my temples and at the back of my neck, after a few minutes these areas feel slightly tingly and if I catch my headache in plenty of time it can actually stop it in it's tracks.

6. This Works Perfect Heels Rescue Balm I first reviewed this just before Christmas here. This really helps with dry and cracked skin on your feet and heels and has a really lovely light lavender scent. Earlier on in my pregnancy I really couldn't stand anything perfumed and found Compeed's Dry and Cracked Heel Overnight Cream which is unscented and is also rather wonderful too. 


  1. They all sound really lovely and if my current cuticle remover doesnt work (havent tried it yet) I might look out for the one in this post xx


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    1. Yes give it a go, it's a bargain! Which one are you using?


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