30 week update- three quarters baked!!!

  • Last weekend we went for to see our little Bean in 3D, and it seems that beanie already bears a striking resemblance to big sis little E! The lips and nose are very very similar. The 3D scan was such a fantastic experience that it deserves a post of it's very own which will be coming soon!!!  
  • I'm now just over 30 weeks pregnant and my not so little bean is now the size of a large cabbage!!!
  • My regular clothes have been resigned to the back of the wardrobe and I am very very thankful for my wardrobe staples which come in the form of my Seraphine Skinny Maternity Jeans ( the only jeans I could find that actually stayed up!) and my Keungzai Super Soft Maternity Leggings  which are simply amazing!
  • 3rd trimester has hit me like a ton of bricks, as soon as I reached the 28 week mark I started to feel exhausted once again, Back pain and SPD has also returned, I feel like I'm constantly complaining about something ( see below!) Moving house, working and looking after little E has taken it's toll and it's definitely time for me to start slowing down, fortunately I only have a few more weeks left in work. 
  • Loving having super long and thick hair but not loving drying and styling it because I get far too hot and flustered. Time to make use of the local blowdry bar I think.....
  • Thankfully still no sign of the dreaded pregnancy acne this time, instead my skin is really dry and itchy, I have recently discovered Dermalogica's Ultra Calming range which is helping immensely.
  • Byebye feet!!!! DIY Pedi's are a thing of the past seeing as I can no longer reach my toes!!! Salon Pedicures are de rigeur for the foreseeable future, with the odd manicure thrown in for good measure!!


  1. It's so exciting, and so REAL in 3d, I bet you can't wait now!

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    1. You're so right the 3D scan does make it feel so real. I can't wait and also getting quite fed up of waddling around!!

  2. Aww definitely a resemblance there! I love the 3D scans!

    Eeek I moved house during my pregnancy too, a 250 mile move! It is so much harder during pregnancy!!! :/

    Hope you can start to take it easy soon!

    Sparkles & Stretchmarks

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  3. What a lovely clear scan photo and you are right about the resemblance xx


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  4. Great Scan pic, I have always regretted not getting a 3d scan!



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  5. Salon pedicures are definitely a plus point!!
    Absolutely amazing seeing your baby in 3D!

    So pleased you're enjoying your leggings :) xxx

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