Little Jones London: Hobbledown Farm

Ok, Ok so strictly speaking Hobbledown Farm isn't actually in London. However at less than 40 minutes away from central London, you aren't going to hold that against me are you??  I posted some pictures on Instagram last week and I received quite a few questions about our trip so I thought a blog post was in order

Hobbledown Farm, an adventure farm park in Surrey, had been on our to do list for such a long time. We didn't have anything planned for a sunny June afternoon and decided to flee the city for some fresh air down at the farm.  

Upon arrival, we were given ID bracelets which you write your phone numbers on, for little E and her cousin who are both almost 3. We're still discovering our feet with family days out so perhaps this is the norm at such places, but it struck me how thoughtful this was. 

We wandered over to the restaurant barn for a late lunch. My only complaint about the farm was that the tables were very messy in the restaurant area and there was none around to clean them up. There was however a great selection of food for adults and kids and all reasonably priced although no baby food on sale but thankfully we had brought our own. The restaurant section also housed an indoor soft play area, perfect for rainy days!!

Of course our first stop was the pig enclosure for these Peppa Pig enthusiasts. Our little city kids adored seeing all their favourite farm animals and also some slightly more exotic creatures such as peacocks, meerkats and Alpacas, to name but a few. All the animals seemed remarkably well looked after which is really lovely to see. 
Aside from the animals, there are also tons of other activities for all ages. The enormous sand area next to the restaurant was quite a hit, especially when little E and cousin M decided to recreate Olaf from Frozen- I'm not sure of the intricacies of this but we were there for a looooong time trying to explain to them that it just wasn't going to happen :( 

On our way out, we passed through the gift store. Now usually these tend to be filled with overpriced tat, a tantrum waiting to happen!  Not at Hobbledown, I really loved how they had loads of very reasonably priced pocket money treats for around £1-£2. Naturally I stocked up on a few bits and bobs as good behaviour 'ahem bribes' I mean treats.
We all left Hobbledown Farm buzzing with excitement after an afternoon of sunshine and fresh air.
One tip though, if you're planning to pay a visit then book your tickets online in advance as they are slightly cheaper.


Nails of the Week- Orly Gel FX in Prelude to a Kiss

This weeks NOTW comes in the form of Orly Gel FX's Prelude to a Kiss, a milky pastel peach. I found this really difficult to photograph and the colour is actually slightly brighter in real life. It is however on the neutral end of the scale, although probably about as neutral as I can go.

I have been searching forever for a peach coloured gel polish ( yes I'm that exciting!!!). And while I have yet to find the holy grail of peachy nails, I would like something just slightly brighter. 

It's been a while since I've blogged about gel nail colour. I have been giving my nails a bit of a break because I have a naughty little habit of peeling the gel off instead of waiting to soak it off. If you'd like some help on how to apply or remove your own gel polish then click on these posts I wrote aaaaages ago HERE! and HERE!


Mama Style: Britmums live - Denim Shirt dress

I did it!! I finally booked my tickets to go to Britmums live this year, thanks to some helpful nudges in the right direction one or two of my lovely blogging friends. 
My next dilemma is now of course, what to wear?? 
Since having little E and Mr Rufio I've really struggled to lose all my baby weight. I love shopping, fashion and style but I still can't and don't want to get used to my new body shape so I tend to put off buying clothes for myself and usually buy for my littles instead. Consequently, I have two very well dressed kiddie winks , but my own wardrobe is kinda limited to skinny jeans and swing tops ( to hide the mummy tummy of course).  
Anyhooooww I have managed to find two outfits for myself that I feel vaguely confident enough to wear. The first is this Cerulean Shirt dress from my favourite shop in the entire universe Anthropologie. I have been on the lookout for a chambray or denim shirt dress for some time now and this Anthropologie one seemed perfect. I love the colour blocked sleeves and the fact that you can wear them a few different ways, which give the outfit some degree of versatility. 
Below I'm wearing strappy heels from DVF but I may have to rethink those for something a little more comfortable!  

So below is my potential outfit for day two, I haven't quite made up my mind yet though. The tie dyed T-shirt is from M&S, I have found a few nice tops there recently which you may have seen on my Instagram feed. The peach jeans are from Zara and I absolutely love them. Whenever I wear them they usually get covered in toddler snot or drool within about 5 minutes. The gold flats are also a Zara purchase, and are super super comfy.

Are you going to Britmums? I'm so looking forward to meeting all you lovely blogging mamas who I've been chatting to over the past few years, if you spot me then please come and say hi!!


Nails of the Week: Models Own Hyper Gel - Coral Glaze

So I'm kinda going for a coral theme lately, what with the Mac Costa Chic Lipstick earlier this week and now Models Own Coral Glaze Hyper Gel Polish

There are so many of these Gel effect polishes around at the moment and as I usually do my own gels, I hadn't really paid much attention to them. I'm such a magpie though, I was completely drawn to this beautiful coral colour. As you may have noticed, I'm a complete sucker for anything peachy or coral hued. 

In all honesty, I don't really find this formula any different to a regular nail polish. The overall finish isn't any glossier than an average Models Own polish. I actually found the consistency incredibly gloopy and ended up using my Seche Vite quick dry nail polish to speed up the drying process and therefore probably defeating the object of the gel finish. I got my usual 24 hours wear out of this, so the gel effect didn't really do anything to increase the life of my manicure.

All in all, I'm a bit meh about this hyper gel formula. If I want a gel finish, I'll use real gel and get a longer lasting manicure out of it. Have you tried any of these gel effect polishes and if so is there a particular brand you'd recommend?? I'd love to know....

Don't forget, there's still time for you to enter my Models Own Polish For Tans competition .


This Mama Loves: Mac Costa Chic Lipstick

For the past couple of summers, Mac Costa Chic has been my go to colour. The sun has been shining here in London, so it was most definitely time to whip out one of my favourite summer time lipsticks.
Costa Chic is a really wearable, bright peachy-coral cream lipstick. It is supposedly a frost finish but I barely notice the supposed frost- I hate frosted lipsticks!! 

I get a good 6 hours wear out of this before I need to reapply. Although, most of it does tend to end up in kisses on my little ones foreheads!

What's your go-to summertime lipstick?


Little Jones Style: Disney Free

Woweeee, last weekend E and I managed to put together a Disney princess free outfit, sans tiara, tutu or even Sofia the First amulet. Here's me getting excited, thinking that we're turning a corner, two year old tantrums coming to an end and all that. Erm no, we've had a full on stropathon today which resulted in a huge tantrum during a lunchtime treat at the disney cafe in Harrods. I have never seen the doormen open the doors so quickly on our way out.

Thankfully Joan Collins junior and her teething baby brother are both tucked up snugly in bed and I'm free to blog....for now. 

So here's what the little lady wore:
White Polo Shirt: Ralph Lauren Kids
Kitten knee leggings & cream card: H&M kids
Laceless Broderie pumps: Next
Handbag: A gift Great-Grandma brought her from Singapore. 


Nails of the week: Barry M- Mediterranean

If there is one thing I have learned from my nail polish addiction, it's that spending more on a bottle of polish doesn't necessarily equate to a better product. Case and point here with Barry M, this bottle  costs just £3.99 yet it lasts just as well as any luxury brand and their colour range is pretty fantastic. 

Mediterranean is from the new Aquarium range. I normally avoid metallic/frosted nail polishes like the plague but there was something quite intriguing about this coral- gold duo chrome. The range consists of four duo chromes and two glitters designed to be layer on top. I also have the gold glitter from this range called treasure chest which you can see here.

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