Nails of the Week- Sensationail Fuzzy Navel

This week's nails of the week is Sensationail's Fuzzy Navel, a neutral pink shade. In case you don't remember, Sensationail is a gel polish which I reviewed a while ago here
Checking out Sensationail's website a few weeks ago I noticed they had added a few new shades to their collection and I let out a little squeal of excitement when I saw a swatch that looked like it could be the illusive peach gel polish that I have been searching for.....

Well as you can see, it's not quite what I was looking for and the actual shade is far pinker than the swatch shown on their website. It is also quite sheer so I applied three coats to achieve opacity. Whilst it's quite a pretty shade, it's still rather tame for my tastes so I added a little love heart to make things a little more interesting.
To achieve the heart, I used Gelish Tiger Blossum gel polish. Using a cocktail stick I placed three tiny circles of polish in a triangle shape and then joined them together to create a heart shape and filled it out slightly.

If you have any suggestions for a peach gel polish then please, pretty please, let me know!!!


  1. love the little heart!

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    1. Thanks :) Makes it a little more fun doesn't it? x

  2. Coral Sunset mixed with White Lily makes a pretty peach - I love how you can mix any Sensationail polishes to create your own shades!

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion Jay. I was thinking of buying Coral Sunset anyway, even more inclined to try it now!


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