Nails of the Week: Grown-Up Graduated Glitter Manicure

I don't know about you but I love a bit of glitter, especially at Christmas. I've been longing to do one of these graduated or ombre glitter mani's for such a long time. Now that my 5 month old is sleeping pretty much through the night, I finally managed to get an evening free to give this a go.

The reason I called this the 'grown-up' glitter mani is because it's a teeny bit practical!  I've snuck in a few tricks to hopefully make it last longer: The base is gel polish which should last me a week at least. I've also used a neutral colour which will disguise the regrowth, it's also a good shade to paint over if I get bored!   

There are a few ways to get this graduated glitter effect but I find the method below the simplest and the quickest:

For the base coat I used Sensationail gel polish in Fuzzy Navel. The finer glitter is Models Own in Northern Lights and the chunkier glitter is Models Own in Pink Fizz. Followed by a top coat of Seche Vite.
P.S. When applying the glitter, don't be too precise, the more irregular this looks the better!

Obligatory claw hand photo:

Someone got a hold of my polish this morning and requested 'Spa-kululy Tootsies'. How could I say no?


Little Jones Style Style: Mothercare Fair Isle

I've shied away from Mothercare for quite a while, too many primary colours and generally a bit garish for our liking ( John Lewis and M&S you are also guilty of this!). Lately however I have been pleasantly surprised. Recently I've noticed tons of gorgeous knitwear and beautiful french style outfits in muted mauves, taupes and lilacs which we totally heart!! Love the mothercare quality and the price range too of course.

Little E and I are currently obsessed with this cream Fair isle leggings & cardi combo with matching t-shirt, very Pocahontas chic!

There's nothing like a bit of Fair isle to make you feel all warm and Christmassy is there?


Postpartum Hair Loss: Round 2.

One of the most fantastic things about being pregnant, aside from my wonderful bambinos of course, has been the dramatic hair growth. My hair is now the longest that it has ever been but by a cruel twist of fate, over the past 2 months my hair has been falling out by the bucket load. Postpartum hair loss sucks.

I knew to expect the hair loss, the exact same thing happened when little E was around 3 months old too. I just hoped that it would be different this time somehow, having had a boy second time around. Then one morning I stepped out of the shower to find what looked like clumps of hair left behind, then again when I styled my hair. Everywhere I go there is a trail of long blonde hair, it's as though we have a moulting golden retriever living with us. I now have two bald patches either side of my forehead. I contemplated posting a photo but I like my blog to be a happy place, and there is no way of making my receding hairline look pretty. So instead, my latest beauty mission has been to disguise my post partum hair loss and hopefully encourage my hair to grow back, ASAP.

Step one: Raid pinterest for some lovely sweep fringe hair inspiration. I really didn't want anything too blunt or short that would be difficult to grow out because I know from past experience that in a few more weeks, when  my hair (hopefully) finally starts to grow back. I'll be blessed with these annoying baby hairs that will stick up all over the place and make my lovely sweepy fringe resemble the headcrest of a cockatoo.

Step two: Lighten my hair. After a year of ombre, I finally said goodbye to dark roots and went back to highlights and allover colour. I find that when the baby hairs grow back, the lighter they are, the less they show up against my scalp, making them easier to conceal. 

Step three:  Nioxin. Nioxin is a hair system ( shampoo, conditioner & scalp treatment) designed specifically for hair loss. I have been using it for about a month now and I am already noticing regrowth and I seem to be shedding slightly less. Admittedly (and hopefully) this could be because the hair loss is slowing down. Nioxin comes in 6 different ranges, each suited to your hair type and degree of hair loss. I chose number 6 designed for noticeably thinning medium to coarse hair natural of chemically treated hair.

I'd really love to hear if anyone has any tips for post partum hair loss remedies. Everything I've researched seems to have pros and cons. I've heard Sea Kelp helps but increases your appetite ( so don't need to put on any more weight!) Minoxidil supposedly works well but is a no no if you're breastfeeding.

 And finally, to put things in perspective a little bit:

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