The Oatmeal Face Mask

Last night, whilst editing the collage below, Mr Jones looked over at my screen and said 
'What the hell is that?!!' 
Me 'Erm, I'm writing a blog post about the oat face mask' 
Him 'You're nuts!'
Me ' Well maybe, but it's too good not to share'  

Mr Jones can laugh all he wants but the Oatmeal face mask is absolutely brilliant! I can't rave about this mask enough, my itchy skin feels soothed afterwards and the oats act as a very very gentle exfoliant, leaving my skin super soft as well. The results are as good ( if not better) than any luxury face mask! It's so cheap and easy to make and it's hypoallergenic too. Despite making fun of me, Mr Jones even commented on how soft my skin felt after the mask!!

Over the past few years I've suffered with redness on my cheeks and since becoming pregnant again, the skin on my face is really easily irritated and itchy, I think it's probably Rosacea but I have never been formally diagnosed.

I love DIY face masks and have been using The Aspirin face mask for a while but I needed something gentler and didn't think Aspirin was a great idea when pregnant either! I noticed that many many products for sensitive skin contained oats so I did a bit of research and discovered the Oatmeal face mask, made from products that I already had in my kitchen cupboard, perfect!!

2 tablespoons of porridge oats ( I just used Quaker porridge oats)
1 tablespoon of runny honey
4 tablespoons of water

To make:

  • Put the oats in a food processor and blend* for 10-20 seconds
  • Add the water and honey 
  • Blend for a further 30 seconds, or as desired
  • Apply to the face and leave on for 20mins
  • Wash off with water

*you can skip the blending stage if you wish, this is just to make the mask consistency creamier and therefore easier to apply.

You can also experiment with other combinations, for example you could add milk or greek yogurt depending on what works best for you. I find that the recipe above is the most effective for me though.

If you're interested in DIY treatments, here are some that I have blogged about in the past :

 I love discovering new homemade treatments. Have you tried any DIY face masks?


My Maternity Wear Style Stars

I looooove fashion and shopping for new clothes but I find dressing whilst pregnant ridiculously difficult. It's so hard to find clothes that aren't frumpy yet are still comfy so I've got to hand it to all those expectant celebs who have to dress for the cameras on a daily basis. It seems that there's a bit of a celebrity baby boom going on once again, so I've put together some of style favourites from recent celebrity mama's to be:

Lucy-Jo Hudson: Truthfully, Former Coronation Street actress Lucy- Jo Hudson isn't really someone who's ever been on my style radar although since she announced her pregnancy I've been really loving her look. She looked absolutely perfect in this Grecian inspired Tiffany Rose Anastasia gown which she wore to to the British Soap Awards last month. 
The gown could easily be worn as bridal wear but Lucy-Jo has managed to explore the gown's versatility and steered her look more towards classic old Hollywood style rather than the aisle, thanks to her vibrant red lipstick, classic up do and statement jewellery. 
To recreate this look, the link to the Anastasia gown can be found Here.  

The best of the rest:

Kourtney Kardashian: In my opinion, Kourtney, who gave birth to baby Penelope last summer, is by far the most stylish of the Kardashian clan. I absolutely love this red swing dress and black Louboutin combination.
Sienna Miller: It comes as no surprise really that the eternally stylish Sienna had no problems translating her boho chic style in to maternity wear, whilst expecting her daughter Marlowe. The Breton stripe top and jeans look could easily be worn post pregnancy and the cape adds a touch of luxe to the look.
Malin Akerman: Swedish beauty Malin looks effortlessly chic in this flattering black daytime outfit, whist pregnant with baby Sebastian. The brown boots and scarf lift the look and prevent it from looking too sombre.
Fearne Cotton: Fearne Cotton was quite open about the fact that she detested maternity wear and instead opted to wear items from her own range, a few sizes larger than normal. I love her in this blue floral dress which she wore on the red carpet although if you look closely you can tell that it's not maternity wear because it's raised slightly at the front, where the cut of the dress hasn't allowed for a bump.
Kristin Cavallari: As with Lucy-Jo Hudson, I hadn't really paid much attention to 'The Hill's' Star Kristin Cavallari's dress sense, until she became pregnant. This grey evening gown looks super elegant and the ruching flatters her bump impeccably.
Kristen Bell: Kristen looks incredible in this grey billowing Jenny Packham gown, to create a similar look check out the red carpet collection from Tiffany Rose Here!
Fergie: I absolutely adore Fergie in this Mary Katrantzou dress which she wore to the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards earlier this year. Admittedly she was then much earlier on in her pregnancy than some of the other celebs shown, Fergie really shows us how to get away with wearing regular clothes when pregnant ( poor old Kim K really should have been taking note!)
The Duchess of Cambridge: When it comes to dressing the bump, Kate really can do no wrong in the eyes of the public. This peach Tara Jarmon coat has been one of my favourites. However, with every fashion house known to man begging to dress her, I do feel that she has it easier than most so she really should be getting it spot on! I think that she dresses a little old for her age, but it's nothing that a fabulous statement necklace couldn't fix!
And, and I have another teeny weeny bugbear- Kate and I are due the same day and my bump is ( no joke!) 3 times the size of hers. I think it's far easier to dress well when your bump is relatively small.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting at my laptop looking like Mr Greedy, so yes, I am just the slightest bit jealous!

I really debated over whether to do a whole 'what not to wear' section and generally I like to stay away from negativity on the blog ( I need all the good karma I can get right now!) But I will say that whatever style choices you make when pregnant, do not, I repeat DO NOT, even consider wearing nude and Perspex stiletto sandals, when you are suffering from swollen feet, or any vertiginous heels for that matter. I have no problem with women wearing heels during pregnancy but Kim Kardashian's sandals in the photo below just look as though they are cutting off her circulation. I know she has an image to uphold, but this outfit just looks uncomfortable.

*This post is a PR collaboration.


Nails of the week- CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Review: Summer Brights Collection

I haven't done a nails of the week post for quite a while, in fact I haven't really done much blogging over the past month. I've been so tired with working, being pregnant and looking after little E that I would just crash out whenever I had a moment free. Now however,  I'm on maternity leave getting ready for the arrival of Baby Jones 2.0 so hopefully I'll have time for a few posts before we welcome our little bundle in just a few short weeks!!

Back to the nails!! I've been eagerly awaiting the launch of these newVinylux weekly polishes from CND- the makers of Shellac. Here's the interesting bit:
  • They are said to last up to 7 days, without the need of a UV light, just a special topcoat which becomes more durable with exposure to natural light. 
  • No base coat is needed
  • No professional application necessary, it's applied just like regular polish 
  • They are quick drying
  • Best of all they, can be removed with regular nail polish so no more hours on end spent unglamorously soaking off gels. 
Sounds like a game changer, right?

Obviously, being the nail polish nut that I am, I instantly went on the search for some of this wonder polish, and I came across the Summer Brights collection of mini polishes on eBay. The mini bottles sounded like an ideal way to test the product and try out a few shades at the same time 

The collection consists of a bottle of the top coat, which you absolutely have to use to get the most out of this product and the shades Lobster Roll, Pink Bikini, Grape Gum and Water Park ( seen below in order). Lobster Roll is a gorgeous bright summery red, Pink Bikini is an almost neon vibrant pink shade. Grape gum is a frosted purple and water park a metallic blue, I don't care much for frosted polishes so not sure how much use I will get out of these two!

Please, please, please excuse my raggedy cuticles seen below, dry hands is one of the things I won't miss about being pregnant!

Lobster Roll, below was my absolute favourite colour out of the four so I have decided to test this shade out over the next week and I will report back to let you all know if this polish is indeed as wonderful as it sounds.

I am so excited to see if this actually lasts a week, those of you who read my blog regularly will know how frustrated I get with regular polish as it only ever lasts a couple of days on me. Hence the reason why I tend to go for DIY gel manicures.
Have you tried CND's Vinylux system yet or something similar?
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