Nails of the week: An alternative to Chanel Black Pearl - Sensationail Ocean Sparkle

I never ever win anything, and so I was ever so slightly excited to find out that I had won a bottle of  SensatioNail Gel Polish in a twitter competition. A few days later, this beautiful bottle of jewel toned teal polish popped through my letterbox!! Just the sort of colour I would pick myself :)

I was a bit disheartened to see that the packaging stated boldly that this polish could only be cured using an LED light, which I don't own, I always cure ( or dry ) my gel polish with a UV lamp. However, I read through the ingredients and noticed that they were almost exactly the same as the other brands of gel polish I already own. So, I tested one nail with the UV lamp and bingo! it worked! Emergency averted!!

As I was painting my nails with this sparkly teal, I had a strange feeling of Deja Vu and promptly dug out my stash of Chanel Black Pearl. Whilst Ocean Sparkle isn't a perfect dupe for Black Pearl. I would say it is certainly a good long lasting alternative. (Especially given as most of my Chanel polishes last about a day before chipping!! ) Black Pearl is a pearlescent greeny grey whereas Ocean Sparkle is more of a deep blue with teeny tiny flecks of glitter. At a glance they are very difficult to tell apart.

So how did the SensatioNail fare? Aside from horrible the brand name ( too much frommage pour moi!) the polish itself is excellent. The brush makes this polish very easy to apply and it has just he right consistency being neither too thick or too thin. One of the best things about this polish for me is that it is available in Boots, so I can pick this up whilst on my weekly nappy shop without having to faff about with purchasing on Ebay. I will certainly be purchasing more SensatioNail colours, I already have my eye on a shade called Coral Sunset which looks like a potential gel dupe for Essie's Cute as a Button!


  1. Good find! How long did it last before chipping?? Xxx

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    1. It lasted a good 9-10 days before I got bored and removed it but it didn't lift or chip in the slightest! x

    2. Oh thats good to know, especially as they're in Boots! xxx


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