This Mama Loves: MUA Lipstick in Juicy & Nectar

You know I love a bargain, and I have a slight obsession with anything peach too. So when I spotted these peachy toned lipsticks in Superdrug for a bargain £1 ( Yes £1!!!!!) I really couldn't help myself, I had to buy both. No.15- Juicy is a pretty pastel peach and No.16- Nectar is more of a coral shade which reminds me a little of Mac's Costa Chic, minus the frost.
The staying power is surprisingly good for a budget lipstick, I got around 3 hours wear out of both, which is pretty much the same as my all time favourite peach lipstick YSL Peach Passion. I did however find them quite drying and peach passion in particular seemed to cling to any dry patches on my lips, which really isn't a good look. So you do need to make sure you slap on loads of lip balm before hand. That alone makes the lipstick not all that practical, meaning I have to knock off a few yummy mummy brownie points, I have a million things going on most mornings and don't always have the time to remember lip balm.
Packaging is oohhkaaayyy, it's not all that chic, it feels a little flimsily, but for £1 who cares?

My little helper is becoming a regular feature in my beauty posts lately, she loves getting involved and playing with the pretty make- up tubes!

Here's the obligatory Instagram selfie, I feel stupid posing for make-up photos but I kind of need to when I'm writing a beauty post! Oh and this is juicy again...

Overall I'm a bit on the fence with these MUA lipsticks, I love the shades but not too keen on the formula, but for the price I really can't complain. The range consists of quite a few bold shades, which could be a good way to try out news shades if you're new to lipsticks . Which peach lipstick should I try next? suggestions please!!!


Dairy Free Banana Ice Cream- Just One Ingredient!!

This recipe for Dairy Free Banana Ice Cream is one of those things that just kept popping up on my Pintrest which I assumed everyone knew about. I've been banging on about it to all my friends lately and it seems that it isn't all that well known after all. So this post is the recipe, as promised to anyone who has had the patience to listen me prattle on about this lately.......

Ingredient wise, all you need is a bunch of very very ripe Bananas.

Chop them up in to discs. Don't skip this step-  this makes them easier to blend when frozen!

Pop them in a Tupperware box and stick them in the freezer until frozen. I like to freeze them overnight otherwise the consistency just isn't creamy enough afterwards.

The waiting can get a little tedious but believe me, it's worth it. And if anyone has any tips for a toddler who has rediscovered her dummy, (given up at 8 months) they'd be most welcome!!

Once the banana discs are frozen, pop them in the blender and blend until you have a smooth and creamy consistency that resembles soft scoop ice cream.......

.....like this:

Et Voila: Dairy free, low fat, banana ice cream. Little E and I both love this, it's perfect for dieters, anyone with lactose intolerance, Vegans, anyone really. It's just so delicious and creamy and tastes just like real ice cream, honestly!!

I've spotted loads of variations on pintrest adding ingredients such as cocoa powder and peanut butter here . I'd love to know if anyone has any other suggestions too.

Have a great weekend everyone!!


Nails of the Week- OPI My Private Jet ( Original Formula)

I needed a little pick me up this week and it came in the form of one my favourite polishes EVER, OPI's My Private Jet. I use this very sparingly because, although you can still buy this polish, the formula has changed and the current shade is no where near as nice. Gone are the beautiful pewter holographics and instead it's a rather average sludgy greyish brown glitter with a blue shimmer. I normally apply this over a neutral gel manicure, just to get more staying power, it's precious after all!! Unfortunately my UV lamp has died so this is just a regular manicure, with a coat of Seche Vite over the top.

Under Artificial light:

Natural light:


Which Changing Bag?

I'm not really one for Valentines day, so instead I thought I'd blog about something else that I love, handbags!! A gorgeous new leather bag is the ultimate treat for me, my lovely Mr Jones treated me to a Philip Lim 3.1 Pashli Mini for Christmas, it's a cross body bag so I have my hands free for chasing after little ones. It stores my phone, wallet keys and lipstick so I don't have to rummage around for them in the abyss that is my nappy bag. All our nappy and feeding gear goes in a separate nappy bag, which is dare I say it,  is a little on the ugly side. Back when I bought it, I managed to convince myself that it looked like a Chanel Cocoon bag..... I blame pregnancy hormones! 

Baby bag, nappy bag, changing bag, whatever you want to call it, why is it that so many of them are so darn ugly?  Here's some bag inspiration for all you fellow handbag addicts looking for something a bit more glamorous. I'm having difficulty deciding from the selection below but the Pitter Pac Windsor from my mama makeover last year, is still my hot favourite.  

Clockwise from right: 1) Burberry - Olympia 2) Rebecca Minkoff - Marissa  3)Marc Jacobs Eliz-a-baby bag 4) Prada- Nylon Baby Bag 5) Pitterpac-  Windsor


Hive- an ingenious app for busy Mamas

Whizzing around Westfield the other day on a mission to buy a Valentine's pressie for Mr Jones, neither of my little ones would co-operate: One wanted a Macchiato- she's two! The other was due a feed and was determined to let the whole of White City know about it. Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a stall for British Gas's new active heating system, Hive. I'd seen it advertised frequently on TV and I thought it sounded absolutely genius and would have loved to have stopped at the stall and had a play around with the app, but my two little dictators had other ideas! Instead I made a mental note to research it when they were both tucked up in bed.

Hive is an ingenious system, designed to fit in with our busy lifestyles. It allows us to control our heating remotely from a tablet, laptop or smartphone. Research conducted by British Gas shows that an average of 24% of heating bills are wasted in heating an empty house or hot water that is not required. I for one am frequently guilty of this! We do set our heating on to a timer but with two very young children I sometimes flick the heating on to constant in the day and then forget about it, often leaving the house with the heating still on. I get so frustrated with myself for being so wasteful but the truth is, like most mamas I have a million things to remember, that combined with the fact that I am still suffering from a severe case of baby brain! An app that allows me to control our heating and hot water sounds like an absolute godsend.

Hive Active Heating costs £199 to purchase and to install, which is pretty reasonable considering that British Gas estimate that you could save up to £150 a year by using this system and therefore managing your heating and hot water more efficiently. In other words, it would take just over a year for Hive Active Heating to pay off!

To find out more about Hive, head on over to their website www.hivehome.com where there are loads of helpful energy & money saving tips too. 

*this is a commissioned post


Little Jones London- the London Aquarium

So little E is going through a Finding Nemo phase in a big way right now. She is also, at almost two and a half, going through a phase of tantrums so bad that she actually makes herself sick! The naughty step doesn't work, confiscating toys has no effect,  the only thing that gives us a glimmer of hope is that she responds really well to praise and encouragement. This lead me to discover positive discipline which I have been researching whenever I get a minute. We'd had a few days of relatively calm behaviour, so as a very special treat, we visited the London Aquarium to see if we could see her beloved Nemo in person. 

Despite having lived in London for a ridiculously long time, we have never ever been to the Aquarium before! It really was the perfect family day out for mid January as it is all in doors and it took us around an hour and a half to follow the path around the aquarium which was just about right for a toddlers short attention span.  Even Rufio loved it, at 6 months old I didn't really think that he would be interested but he was absolutely fascinated by the water, the colours, the fish....

The only downside really is that the restaurant facilities in the aquarium are pretty dire, in hindsight we probably should have taken some food with us, but instead we ended up grabbing a snack in a nearby Starbucks. Entrance is also pretty expensive, Children under 3 do go free and it is slightly cheaper if you book online beforehand. Despite this though, we all had a wonderful day out, it was just magical to see the look of excitement in E's eyes when she clapped eyes on Nemo. There is actually a section called Nemo's coral cave, they have magnified fish tanks which look a bit like fish bowls. E of course ran straight over them and immediately began hugging the bowls, it was so adorable. She's still talking about her visit to the 'aquarion' as she calls it.

We've decided that we really do need to visit more of the attractions that our city has to offer, any recommendations for toddler & baby appropriate things to see and do, are most welcome! 

P.S. I had a brand new camera lens for my birthday which I was soooo excited to try out at the aquarium, unfortunately the lighting was pretty bad and I'm STILL learning how to use my DSLR so my photos aren't all that great. The best ones actually came from my iPhone! 
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