Nails of the week- CND Vinylux Weekly Polish Review: Summer Brights Collection

I haven't done a nails of the week post for quite a while, in fact I haven't really done much blogging over the past month. I've been so tired with working, being pregnant and looking after little E that I would just crash out whenever I had a moment free. Now however,  I'm on maternity leave getting ready for the arrival of Baby Jones 2.0 so hopefully I'll have time for a few posts before we welcome our little bundle in just a few short weeks!!

Back to the nails!! I've been eagerly awaiting the launch of these newVinylux weekly polishes from CND- the makers of Shellac. Here's the interesting bit:
  • They are said to last up to 7 days, without the need of a UV light, just a special topcoat which becomes more durable with exposure to natural light. 
  • No base coat is needed
  • No professional application necessary, it's applied just like regular polish 
  • They are quick drying
  • Best of all they, can be removed with regular nail polish so no more hours on end spent unglamorously soaking off gels. 
Sounds like a game changer, right?

Obviously, being the nail polish nut that I am, I instantly went on the search for some of this wonder polish, and I came across the Summer Brights collection of mini polishes on eBay. The mini bottles sounded like an ideal way to test the product and try out a few shades at the same time 

The collection consists of a bottle of the top coat, which you absolutely have to use to get the most out of this product and the shades Lobster Roll, Pink Bikini, Grape Gum and Water Park ( seen below in order). Lobster Roll is a gorgeous bright summery red, Pink Bikini is an almost neon vibrant pink shade. Grape gum is a frosted purple and water park a metallic blue, I don't care much for frosted polishes so not sure how much use I will get out of these two!

Please, please, please excuse my raggedy cuticles seen below, dry hands is one of the things I won't miss about being pregnant!

Lobster Roll, below was my absolute favourite colour out of the four so I have decided to test this shade out over the next week and I will report back to let you all know if this polish is indeed as wonderful as it sounds.

I am so excited to see if this actually lasts a week, those of you who read my blog regularly will know how frustrated I get with regular polish as it only ever lasts a couple of days on me. Hence the reason why I tend to go for DIY gel manicures.
Have you tried CND's Vinylux system yet or something similar?


  1. hi, thanks for posting about this. I ended up ordering some after reading your post. So far so good, I've had it on 3 days and it looks good- and those 3 days cleaned 2 bathrooms, went to the spray park, the beach and a full day on the computer at work.
    Regular polish lasts less than a day on me and gel polish at home is only a little over a week so this could be an excellent alternative. Curious to see your final opinion! Jill

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    1. HI Jill, glad you like the Vinylux so far. Your nails sound exactly like mine, regular polish only lasts a day or two if lucky and gel around a week. I didn't manage to get a whole week out of Vinylux but I was still quite impressed, will post my conclusion very soon


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