Happy First Blogiversary to Me!

Today my blog is celebrating it's first birthday and I can't quite believe that we have got this far. I absolutely love blogging, and I love all the fabulous people who I have met through the blogging community and through twitter. Initially I was nervous at how my blog would be accepted by other mamas because it is quite fluffy and lighthearted but everyone has been so lovely and supportive so far!

Initially Keeping up with the Joneses started as a little hobby during my maternity leave. I have since returned back to work part-time and have even managed to incorporate my blogging experience in to my job and created a new position for myself. The industry I work in is notoriously backwards when it comes to technology and social media so this is something of a feat, so I'm really proud of everything I have achieved over the course of the year and with so many exciting things happening for us in 2013 with Baby Jones 2.0 on the way, I have plenty of fun posts planned!!!

Here are some of my favourite posts and products from the past year:


  1. Happy Bloggy-doo-dah, that went fast didn't it! I like fluffy and lighthearted! Congrats on baby 2.0 xxx

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    1. Thank you! It went so fast, it feels like time has been on fast forward since E was born!

  2. Happy Blog-birthday! x

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