Piccolo Plates

I was a little bit spoiled last week, I didn't have to cook a thing for the kids dinner because we were sampling Piccolo Plates, a brand new London based company that delivers fresh and nutritious meals for children. All their meals are homemade using fresh non processed ingredients with no added sugar or salt.

We sampled the lasagne ( below) the cottage pie, veggie pie, chicken & pesto nuggets and cod & salmon goujons. Mr Jones ended up eating the cottage pie because the kids had already eaten at an earlier playdate and he tells me that it was really good!

Rufio is a huge lover of fish, he adored the fish pie and the cod & salmon goujons. I even caught him stealing one as I was about to take a photo!

Piccolo Plates is a lifeline for working mothers, children can still have nutritious homemade meals at an affordable price too, each dish is £5 and serves 2.  When I was working in an office, I didn't always have time to cook for my children and I would be wracked with (even more) guilt on the days that they ended up eating ready meals. A week's worth of Piccolo Plates would be an awesome gift baby shower gift for a friend with older children so they don't have to worry about shopping and preparing food in those first few days at home with a newborn.

Even though I'm working from home at the moment, I would still use Piccolo Plates for those busy days when I just don't have time to cook. Plus, all their meals can be frozen for up to 3 months which means that you can keep them in the freezer for emergencies.

Piccolo Plates is such a genius idea, I have been telling all the school mummies about them and I will certainly be using them again!


  1. It is a brilliant idea - enjoyed this post very much xx

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    1. Thanks Lucinda! It's so helpful for busy mums xx


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