Favourite photos of the week

I loved putting together my Favourite Photos of the Week last Sunday so I have decided to do it again. Here are this week's faves:

I'm half Greek, and going for Souvlaki when we're in Athens is a big treat, rather like you would go for fish n chips here in the UK. Earlier this week I decided to put myself on a strict diet, so the night before I indulged in some Souvlaki. Buying it a seat on the plane and flying it over from Athens wasn't an option ( although, I did do this with my wedding cake, but that's another story.....) So we headed over to As Greek as it gets in Earl's Court. Delicious!!

I closed the safety gate to the kitchen so that my sister and I could prepare the little ones' lunch whilst they remained safely in view. This is the reaction we got........ I just couldn't resist taking a photo!

After a break from the gels, I opted for this luscious summery red Gelish called Tiger Blossum. This is the shade that I am wearing in my blog logo :) If you need some tips to apply and remove your own gels then check out my posts HERE and HERE.

All I can say is, thank goodness for Baby TV........ and rice cakes!!!

I wrote a post a while back about my love for Coral Jeans but I had yet to find a pair that I loved enough to actually part with cash over. I spotted these on a friend's Instagram photo who advised me to head on over to Zara. These are super super comfy and come in an array of colours.

I haven't minxed my toes for an age, but when I found these, forgotten in the bottom of my make-up drawer, I just couldn't resist giving them ago. Those of you who aren't familiar with Minx, it's type of nail sticker that comes in a huge range of funky patterns, this particular style is holographic and is called Illusion. I believe that Minx is intended to be a salon treatment, but you guessed! I buy mine on eBay and do it myself, so easy!!

Finally, today we took little E for her first ever swim. I had been putting this off after a nightmare experience at the Baby Spa but I need not have worried, she absolutely loved it. A true water baby!!


  1. I am doing my pre South of France diet as I read this and the Souvlaki is making my mouth drool and my stomach rumble. I don't know the restaurant, but shall keep an eye out for it and go for a post holiday treat.
    The expression on the little monsters faces is definitely more of a 'how dare you!' than a 'save me'. Great photo!

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    1. I know! Looking at that souvlaki now is pure torture, sorry :(

      Enjoy your holiday lovely


  2. Oooh you are rocking those coral jeans Mrs Jones and LOVING the toe nails! That colour looks fabulous! xxx

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    1. You're a sweetheart, thank you xxxx


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