You know you're getting old when......

Aside from the fact that my husband and I are told by our three year old that we are positively ancient, pretty much on a daily basis ( she is convinced there were dinosaurs roaming the earth when we were born) i've been feeling pretty haggard since the kids arrived. Part of it is that I just don't have as much time to look after myself as I used to. I was erm pretty high maintenance before becoming a mama, with an eye-wateringly expensive beauty regime but now I just don't have the time and the finances are swallowed up by two tiny people instead!! The other side of it is obviously to do with the fact that the years are slowly slowly creeping up on us as I approach my mid thirties.

I'm not supposed to get greys, my Yiayia is 93 and still has her natural hair colour, my Father too and he's in his 60's but lo and behold they're sprouting up all over the place on my head. The odd wrinkle too, especially around my eyes. I've always worn sunglasses and sunscreen, what happened?? it's not fair!! So recently I tried Botox injections around the eye area, the difference wasn't huge but I felt a little fresher. Convinced that this was the slippery slope towards me turning in to the Bride of Wilderstein, my husband was absolutely furious with me!!

Below Mr Jones and I on honeymoon in Bora Bora a few years back, pre kids, wrinkles, greys and Botox!  and yes this is probably the only no make-up selfie I've had taken since I was 12!!

Wrinkles and greys aside, the one thing that concerns me the most is my eyesight. I'm finding it harder and harder to read the small print on the back of packaging and I've noticed that I'm holding books and my phone/tablet further away when I read. It suddenly dawned on me that I haven't actually had my eyes tested since I was at university and I finished my masters degree over 10 years ago!! I've been told that  Optical Express is the place to go for check ups, regular eye tests are essential and really should be part of my healthcare routine just like going to the GP or the dentist.

So over to you, how often do you get your eyes tested and where do you get it done?



  1. once every 2 years but that's not due to working at an opticians, I ALWAYS have! You only get one set of eyes and once they're gone they're gone. think about all the things that would be harder to do or not be able to do at all if you could not see. it's not like teeth which can (although not as good as the real thing) be replaced. There are so many health problems that can show up in an eye exam that people don't realise. i think people really do take eyes for granted and especially if they drive should take a test at LEAST every 2 years. hope your test goes well. :)

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    1. I used to go regularly growing up and at university so I really need to get myself organised and booked in for an eye test! Thanks for your comment! xx


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