Could our lifestyle be harming us?

So, I had a bit of a health scare a few months ago. I found a large lump on my leg and after quite a few tests, scans and sleepless nights awake worrying I was told thankfully that it was nothing more than a fatty lump. Nevertheless, it sent me on a real downward spiral, I had not long been made redundant from my job of 10 years and the anxiety and stress of both events just put me in quite a dark place.

I obviously feel extremely fortunate that the lump was nothing sinister. However, it has made me really determined to clean up our lifestyle as a family. There must be a reason why so many people are getting sick with autoimmune diseases and cancers etc and I now believe that this is in part due to our western life style. Be that our dependence on technology, (as a blogger and social media manager this is something that really concerns me as I was convinced that the lump on my leg was caused by radiation from my laptop) our reliance on every day household products and cosmetics or the processed foods that we unwittingly purchase at the supermarket.

I have been trying to educate myself in all these areas by reading and doing some research online. It's such an in depth topic that it's going to take quite a while so for now I have decided to use up all the products that I am currently using and when it comes to purchasing new, I will research them individually. I will also blog about my findings as I learn more.

When it comes to cosmetics, for quite some time now I have tended to choose natural and non toxic products over everything else but there are a few bits & bobs that I have yet to find decent replacements for. I generally steer clear of parabens and SLSs are they are both possible carcinogens. Parabens are the preservatives in cosmetics and SLS's the detergents that make soaps, shampoos and washing up liquids bubbly and frothy but companies such as Aveda have been managing perfectly well without them for Eons!

For the food side I have been reading Amelia Freer - Eat Nourish Glow which is a really helpful insight in to all the foods that we eat and why they are good or harmful to us. Don't all pass out but I have also made quite a few recipes from Deliciously Ella, the cook book by vegan and clean eating blogger Ella Woodward. Everyone who knows me knows that I generally dislike cooking but I have found her recipes really inspiring and easy to follow. I made the cookies below and the kids told me that they were delicious, that's first for my baking!!

I have also discovered coconut oil - it is a wonder product both in the kitchen and in the bathroom cabinet but more about that later!

I realise that this is a slightly more serious topic than usual but it is something that I feel is very important to us as a family. If any of you know any resources, books or websites for cleaner, healthier, lifestyles or natural beauty products then I would love to hear your recommendations.


  1. I have been eating cleaner and have also changed the girls diets not just for my weight loss but for most of all the health benefits. My Mum has just been told that her bloods are so high that she will have to go on medication (for diabetes) so she has started juicing again and is completely cleaning up her lifestyle in order to get her blood levels back down and live a healthy lifestyle. I think its so important, and even more important to educate our kids, and doing things with them like baking healthy treats is a great way to start.

    I really want to get the Deliciously Ella book, her ideas look so yum!


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    1. I've seen all your scummy looking juices on Instagram Emily and I was thinking that I need to give it a try myself!
      Definitely give Deliciously Ella a go, she actually has an app that's about £2.99 which has heaps of recipes some of which are in the book too. Can't wait to hear her speak at Britmums! xx


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