Christmas Photo Cards: Minted

We have family all over the world who sadly don't get to see E and Rufio regularly so I really like being able to send them photo keepsakes whilst making wonderful memories for ourselves. 

Call me a humbug but writing boring old Christmas cards sometimes feels like such a chore, so for the past few years we have been making personalised photo cards using pictures of our children. In the time it takes to write uninspired Christmas messages, I can photograph, edit and upload images of my little beauties.

This is last year's photo which still sits on quite a few mantelpieces, I loooove it so much!!

Lately I've been thinking about ideas for this year's photo card, I have a few friends who are professional photographers, including my talented little sis, and they have all pointed me in the direction of a company called Minted. I have been assured that their photo cards are far superior to any other professional stationary printers, with outstanding print quality, a fantastic selection of designs and a very quick turnaround for proofing. There is a good choice of delivery options available, I am told that delivery is very punctual and despite coming from the US, orders are actually arrive quicker than many UK based companies! 

So, I've been having a little browse though their new collection and quite honestly I am spoilt for choice. Here are some of my favourites, I especially love the beauty and functionality of card number 1 and the cheekiness of card no 2!

Decisions...... decisions...... what do you think?


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  1. I love these, I'm so boring and safe every year when it comes to Christmas cards and always seem to get the same ones but would love something more personal. I love the look of card no.2 xx


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