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As I mentioned on my Facebook page the other day, it's been absolutely ages since I've done a style post for either for myself or for the kids. I think I get a bit depressed with winter clothes and I rarely feel inspired to blog about them, they're just so drab and we wear them for so long. It seems such a shame that we only get to wear all the beautiful brightly coloured summer clothes for a few short months ( if that!)
Lately I have been shopping for summery clothes for E and Rufio. My favourite places to shop for them this year have been The White Company, Trotters and Next. I have also recently discovered C de C and Amaia, much to Mr Jones' dismay!!

Yesterday I picked up these gorgeous tops for the E and Rufio in Trotters. E and I are completely obsessed with the Alice in Wonderland Liberty Print. The Chelsea Flower Show is on at the moment and there seems to be a bit of an Alice in Wonderland theme going on with so many of the floral decorations around Sloane Square. E is now quite in to Alice in Wonderland as a result, so she was thrilled with this outfit. They also do a gorgeous tea party dress in the same print which I also have my eye on.

I just love the little guards theme for boys. The next size up is in dark grey which I didn't like quite  as much for summertime but thankfully Rufio squeezed in to the 24 months range, usually I would buy him 2-3 in Trotters. I find the sizing really strange there, the t-shirt E is wearing is age 6-7 and she is three! I also bought Rufie a pair of the Hampton classics Nantucket canvas shoes mainly because they were the cutest pair of boy shoes that I could find which would stay firmly on his feet. My little munchkin is going through a phase of kicking his shoes off when out in the buggy and I have been forced to spend hours traipsing up and down the Kings Road trying to find them!

Where are your favourite placed to shop for little ones?

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