Nails of the Week: Pinterest Gone Wrong

This week's Nails of the week is one of those Pinterest fails that actually turned good in the end. It was inspired from an image found on Pinterest, taken from Cupcakes and cashmere, one of my favourite blogs! I use the term 'inspired' quite loosely because in reality, my mani turned out nothing like the Cupcakes and Cashmere version, it is in fact very distant relative. I contemplated removing it all as soon as I had finished but in the end it kinda grew on me, so much so that I'm actually blogging about it. The neon pink was quite old and ended up streaking when I applied the topcoat but this unintentional effect ended up being my favourite part of the manicure in the end!!

The base colour is Essie Sand Tropez, I'm having a bit of a moment with this shade, it sat untouched in my stash for a few years but I have been using it more and more lately. The left dot is Essie in stitches and the streaky right one is the positively ancient, Essie Disco Pink.

I'm still working on my Shellac Hack- I'll get back to you as soon as I have found the winning formula ;)

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