Mama Rant: Nuisance Calls!

We have a pest in our house, not ants, or wasps or even mice, unfortunately I don't think Rentokil can help us with this nuisance because it is to do with that archaic household device known as 'The Landline' . Why we even have a Landline, I do not know- no one ever calls us on it except for my parents and now increasingly so, the nuisance callers, usually trying to sell something we don't need. From PPI to no win no fee accident claims to people calling for whoever owned the landline prior to us, we have them all! But by far the most annoying is the recorded message calls, which are apparently voice sensitive so if you do swear at them and tell them to P**S off as errrrm I may or may not have done a few times, it will register that the phone line is in use and call you even more.

What irritates me most about these calls is that the always seem to call at the most inopportune moments! I will have spend hours rocking my son to sleep in the buggy for his day time nap, no sooner will his eyes have shut and the landline will wail waking my toddler up. I run to pick up the phone before it wakes him beyond the point of no return, only to hear some robotic recorded message on the other end. Otherwise it's usually at meal times when I have two hungry children screeching at me whilst I try to prepare some food. No, I really do not have time to answer your customer service survey right now and no, you can't call back!!

So I've been doing some research as to how we can put an end to this pest. By far the easiest solution seems to be to buy a call blocking device such as one of these Panasonic call blocking phones  I have also signed up to www.tpsonline.org.uk which is a free service that allows you to record your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls. I'm not sure that there is a way to completely block these calls out as they probably could just call from other numbers but I really hope these steps will help.

Do you have any tips on reducing nuisance calls?



  1. I unplug my land line as no one has the number. So after constantly being harassed I just pulled the plug. Now I attach it, only, when I need it.

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    1. Good plan Mia! If I could convince my parents to call me on the mobile instead of the Landline, I'd do the same thing! xx


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