Nails of the week: Fingernail friends at the farm

This week's mani is presented to you by my darling daughter. We are both utterly obsessed with these children's nail stickers by NPW. I found these in a card shop and at just £3.50 they make perfect little treats for good behaviour. They're also really great for learning animals and colours. I grew up bilingual ( my father is Greek) and am trying to teach E some Greek at the moment, so we have been naming the animals and colours on her nails. 

E loves having her nails painted just like Mummy but like any 3 year old, she is far to impatient to sit and let her nails dry which can prove to be quite messy.  These take a matter of minutes to apply/ remove and as they are stickers no drying time. Despite E's concerns about her nails stickers coming off in the bath ( she is my daughter after all) they stayed firmly in place and lasted over a week until she got bored and peeled them off.
These come in quite a few different themes, we also have friends at the Zoo and after a quick google search I have also found ladybirds and butterflies. I think I'm going to be stocking up on some more of these as stocking fillers for Christmas, a little forward thinking I know!

Since being back at work the phrase 'work/life' balance has felt rather unattainable, especially now that I have two very small children. That combined with summer holidays meant that I had to take a bit of a break from blogging, while we adjusted as a family to our new schedule. Anyway, I am back now and ready to blog......


  1. Stacey would love these Becca! We've got some Nightmare Before Christmas ones to try out somewhere (preferably before Halloween) so you've just jogged my memory! Lol.

    Louise xxx

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    1. Ooohh they sound cool! Where did you find those? they sound like they'd be fun for christmas xx


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