Nails of the week- Sally Hansen Salon Effects Cry Baby

I love hunting around in TK Maxx for baby bargains, a while ago I blogged about some beautiful Chloe Baby Dresses that I snapped up for just £16 each. I do find the shop a bit hit or miss though and this time the baby section was a bit disappointing, but what they lacked in the baby department they made up for in the beauty section and I picked up these Sally Hansen Nail Effects, in the exact colour that I'd had my eye on, for just  £4.

I love nail polish strips and I was really excited to give this brand a go. The colour - Cry Baby - is a really gorgeous neon peachy pink. I always struggle with neon nail colours, the application is often streaky and they usually require a few layers of top coat to really make them shine, these strips solve both these problems. They come in teeny packets which make them really easy to take on holiday. I took these away with me the other week, which saved me packing bottles of polish that always seem to leak in my suitcase!! Once the packet is opened you need to used these straight away because they do dry up.  
Unfortunately that is where the positives end for me with this particular brand of nail strips. Once applied they really felt like stickers, which I guess they are, but I have used other brands of nail strips such as Incoco which are so good that they make you forget they came out of a packet rather than a bottle.  
My biggest gripe with these however is that the colour faded and after just a day I was dying to remove them, but as I hadn't taken any other polish with I was kind of stuck with this washed out look. By the next day, the polish had chipped and I had no choice but to go au naturel! Which brings me to my next issue with these nail strips, they are an absolute nightmare to remove, not so convenient after all then!

Yes I realise that I am totally contradicting my last post where I stated that I would only ever post about products that I really really love. Here's the thing, the colour is just soooo lovely that, despite all the drawbacks, I would possibly consider using these, perhaps just to have lovely neon nails for a day when I  don't have time for a decent manicure. Next holiday however I will definitely be sticking to gel polish!

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