Chloe Baby Dresses

I have been quite fortunate in that quite a few of my friends and family have had babies around the same time as me. However, one thing I haven't been able to compare with other new mamas, is the dreaded baby weight! Everyone I know seems to lose weight quicker than Kim Kardashians marriage, I on the other hand, still have at least couple of stone to lose before I even allow myself to think of spending money on clothes again!!

So one of us has to keep the side up, right? Our usual destination of choice for beautiful and reasonable baby clothes is H&M but over the Christmas holidays I met up with a friend who raved about fabulous finds from none other than TK Maxx. I remained sceptical but as we were passing by one day, I thought it would be rude not to check out what all the fuss was about. Much to my delight I found two beautiful Chloe baby dresses for a bargaintastic £16.99 each!!!!!! One is a beautiful taupe pinafore dress that even Harper Seven would be proud to wear. I plan on pairing this with a floral bodysuit and white tights to prevent it from looking too much like school uniform. The second dress is a gorgeous pale peach corduroy shift with cute little frills on the sleeves. Off we go to try them on.......

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