Nails of the week- 24 Carat Polish

Since I feel head over heals in love with Essie's Turquoise and Caicos a few weeks ago, I have been looking for a slightly longer lasting alternative.

Que Gelish Seafoam!! It's slightly greener and lighter than Turquoise and Caicos for it to be an exact dupe, but I can cope with that for the additional days wear that I get from a gel polish. 

Whilst I love not having to worry about chips with gel, it can get a bit boring wearing the same colour for so long. So I have added an accent nail just to brighten things up. For this I used the rather decadent Rococo Nail Apparel Gold Leaf Nail Polish which contains flakes of 24 carat gold!!! This has been sitting in my drawer waiting for a special occasion but it's gonna dry up at this rate so I'm giving it an internet outing instead!!

As always I bought my gel polish from eBay and the Rococo Nail Apparel was bought from Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge.


  1. Very pretty! I wish I could paint my nails, but since I crochet so much it would chip with in seconds of me picking up my work.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Jess, you should definitely try a gel polish like I have used above, they are virtually chip proof! Go for a salon gel manicure and if you're confident enough try an at home kit like Red Carpet Manicure :)


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