My 1st Years Christmas Collection Preview

The Halloween decorations are down and Christmas trees seem to be springing up all over the place. I don't usually get in to the Christmas spirit so early ( I get a bit sad when people take trees down on boxing day because they've had them up so long) but Rufio and I totally made an exception to this rule when we were invited to an exclusive preview of My1st Years' latest Christmas gift collection at our favourite local family member's club- Maggie & Rose Kensington!

I love My 1st years and have blogged about their personalised gifts many times and I was so so pleased that they are expanding their range to include more and more items for older children.

However I fell in love with this angel wing baby grow which would make a gorgeous Christmas gift for my new nephew. It is very Marie Chantal, in fact E had one just like it from MC when she was tiny but their clothes are minuscule so it didn't last for long on my chubby bubbas!

I came away with heaps of gift ideas for friends & family. E would love the dress rail below, the jewellery box above and pretty much everything else....  Meanwhile, Rufio adored the personalised vintage fire engine in the first picture. I think he spent the entire morning on it and refused to share- sorry about that fellow mummy bloggers!!

I also got to catch up with some of my favourite London mamas including my good friend Kerrie-Anne of London Mothers Club, Sarah of My City My London and Sofia Gouveia  and Emma from The Glam Mummy, who I think was taking the photo below!

Oh and Mr Jones, if you're reading this......... I would really like the Mama and Mini coordinating oversized bobble hats for E and I this Christmas!! Thanks xx

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