Spooky Pumpkin Gemista ( Stuffed Peppers)

In our house, we're all about eating well these days. Aldi asked me to take part in their ghoulishly good healthy eating Halloween challenge again and this year I decided to give it a bit of a Greek flavour and I have made Gemista or stuffed peppers, with a twist. Ever since I was a little girl, Gemista has been one of my favourite dishes and my Yiayia still makes it for me when we're back in Greece, albeit without the spooky faces.

The great thing about Gemista is that you can make them with mince for all the meat lovers but equally you can skip this and you have a wonderful and delicious completely vegan dish. I used this recipe from The Greek Vegan, substituting white rice for brown rice and using only yellow & orange peppers in order for them to look like mini pumpkins.

You make the pumpkin faces just as you would on a really pumpkin ( except this is far less arduous). You just need to carve off the 'lid' around the stalk and scoop out the seeds. Then cut out your spooky face and fill with the rice stuffing as per the recipe above.

My two would never eat peppers on their own normally but they wolfed these down in record time!What's your favourite healthy Halloween treat?

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