Homemade Strawberry & Raspberry Jam

Since I have been making an effort to clean up our family life and eliminate unnecessary chemicals & processed foods, I have found myself cooking almost everything from scratch. This might sound unsurprising but those who know me will be very much in shock because I have always been something of a reticent chef. In the past, I've never enjoyed cooking but I have to say though, I love it when the kids wolf down something that I have spent hours preparing (not so much when they don't!) and I love it even more when my four year old tells me that my cooking is delicious! I think this is what is definitely spurring me on to try different recipes. 

After our trip to Garsons Farm recently, our fridge was bursting at the seams with fresh fruit and veg. The Strawberries & Raspberries were starting to go off before we'd had a chance to finish them so I decided to make some jam, something I've never tried before. I found this recipe from one of my favourites Deliciously Ella and it really was incredibly easy to follow. The best part is that, it is somewhat healthy as it uses only fresh fruit plus chia seeds and honey to bind the ingredients- no processed sugars. E & Rufio loved being allowed to have jam on toast for brekkie!

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