Star Stable Review

There is little doubt that we are living in an era of technology, with ever evolving digital information at our fingertips. We can communicate with people from allover the world via Skype, social media, e-mail and by phone. We read our favourite magazines online and have access to instant breaking news updates throughout the day. We can shop for clothes and groceries and even buy a house or a car online so it should come as now surprise to equine enthusiasts that you can now choose and train your own horse via virtual games such as Star Stable.

Star Stable is a super fun virtual game which allows you to explore the beautiful island of Jorvik on horseback. It is a virtual game which means that you can play with your friends online, meet up and go for rides together. In star stable, you can take part in competitions, join and even run classes or just share stories in a cosy cafe with your friends. It is currently ranked number one in the virtual horse games ranking and has over 4 million online players. It is currently free to play up until level 5, which is awesome as it means that you get to have a good trial and see if you like the game before making any financial commitments.

Star Stable is the perfect solution for those horse lovers who can't get to the stables in person. Maybe you're a busy mama who only has spare time when the kids are in bed or maybe you're fascinated by horses but find them quite intimidating up close. It would also be a great introduction to horses for someone who is interested in getting in to horse riding but isn't quite sure what tending to a horse would entail. Full access Star Stable starts from £4.95 which is pretty reasonable when you think that real horse riding is a pretty costly pursuit.

For more info check out www.starstable.com


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