My C-Section Beauty Tips.

I'm feeling super emotional this week, my little boy will be One in just a few days time. I have never managed to sit down and blog about the actual birth so instead I have planned a few posts in honour of Mr Rufio's first birthday.

I have had this particular blog post sitting in my drafts for about four months now and I have really debated whether or not to post this. Why? Because I was nervous of the reaction that I would get talking about c-sections. I spoke about it with some of the lovely ladies who I met at the Britmums live conference and I decided you know what? My blog, my body and my baby.

I do feel very strongly that all women should be entitled to chose how they give birth without prejudice or judgement from others. After all, we're all want the same result, a healthy baby!
I have a few friends due to have c-sections, in the coming months and this post was initially written for them, just a heads up really for things that helped me and some extras for your hospital bag which you may not have thought of.

In the week before my daughter was born, in 2011 anxious that I would never ever have time to pamper myself again, I booked a whole load of beauty treatments. Here's what to book.... and what not to!

  • Blowdry- Ok when you first hold your baby, the last thing you're going to give a stuff about is your locks. Honestly, I didn't know what to do with myself the day of my first c-section so I waddled on down to the nearest blow-dry bar for something to do and I'm so glad that I did. I loved not having to bother with my hair until I got back home from the hospital and yes I did like having swooshy hair when everyone was taking photos of the baby. Second time around I made sure to book in a blow dry, here's me on the day Rufio was born

  • Mani/ Pedi- Yes I know this sounds mad, after all everyone is going to be looking at your beautiful baby rather than your tootsies but you probably haven't seen your toes for a while, let alone managed to reach them. Book a Pedicure, I promise you'll thank me for it! The photo below, my blog logo in fact, was taking the day after little E was born and I will never get bored of this image of her teeny little fingers.

  • Bikini Wax - you can of course do a Gwyneth and stay 'Au Naturel' but the nurses at the hospital will probably shave the area just below where your incision will be if you don't bother. The choice is yours!

  • DO NOT however try any new treatments at this late stage, pregnancy hormones play havoc with sensitive skin. I decided to get false lashes two days before my daughter was born. I suffered an allergic reaction to the glue and spent the night before she was born trying to remove the lashes with olive oil. The day of the birth I had still had itchy and puffy eye lids and no lashes, not the look I was going for! 

Some tips for your hospital bag

1. Peppermint Tea: A friend warned me about the trapped gas after a section, it's uncomfortable, embarrassing and soooo not glamorous. She also suggested I take some peppermint tea in my hospital bag, which is a great tummy soother. It helped no end, oh and the Tea Pigs brand is especially lovely.

2. Stock up on the granny knickers or anything high waisted that isn't going to irritate your c-section scar, I also bought a few sizes bigger than usual to go over my post baby tum. As unattractive as they are, it's only for a few weeks until things heal.  You can even buy some knickers designed specifically to be worn post op but I managed fine without these. whilst on this subject : Maternity pads- bring your own from, Boots or Mother care, the ones they give you in hospital are thick and uncomfortable.

3. Pack nighties and Dresses for the first few days, again you may find trousers and PJ bottoms uncomfortable against your scar. If you're planning on breastfeeding, make sure they allow for easy access too. I didn't know to do this first time around and I found comfortable and convenient clothing was one of the key elements that have allowed me to breastfeed successfully with number 2.... but that's a whole other post isn't it!


  1. Yay Becca I`m sooooo glad you posted this! :)

    Great tips, I didn't get my attack of trapped wind until TEN DAYS post partum but omg did peppermint help or what?!!!

    As you know, I 100% agree with you on a womans right to choose the manner in which she gives birth in this day & age....and I 100% support your right to blog about whatever the bloody hell you want without fear of reprimand.

    Go You!


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    1. Thanks Hayley! This post would have been confined to my drafts list for all eternity if it hadn't been for our little chat at Britmums the other week. Thanks to you guys I had the courage to post this, maybe I'll even attempt a birth story post now ;)

  2. I just posted you a long reply and it's disappeared! So the gist of it was.... I'm glad you felt empowered to write this post, you're not going to win them all but some people will find this post really helpful, what's more important though than anything else is that you don't allow yourself to be censored by your own fear and worry, everybody has options and some won't match yours however there will be ladies who will really benefit from this post as you said it's your space and you need to express yourself the way you want to, if others don't like it, don't let that be your problem! I suffered really badly with trapped wind after mine, I wish I had known about peppermint tea! Mine wasn't planned with LC but I still looked a mess and am not to fond of my post birth pictures, I wish I had thought more about looking after myself. With this one I'm not sure i will get my VBAC as of right now she is in a funny position and if she doesn't move there's only one choice, reading your experiences has made me feel more settled about this possibility so thanks Becca, it is a great post lovely! X x

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    1. Around this time last year I remember reading this silly article berating women who groom themselves before giving birth. Because of this article, I was convinced that people would judge me if I blogged about such a thing, so you're completely right I was censored by my own fear! So far I have only had lovely comments such as yours, I know I can't please everyone but after all this is my own little corner of the web, to do as I please.
      I hope little Miss gets in to the right position and the birth goes to plan for you second time around xx


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