Little Jones Style: Disney Free

Woweeee, last weekend E and I managed to put together a Disney princess free outfit, sans tiara, tutu or even Sofia the First amulet. Here's me getting excited, thinking that we're turning a corner, two year old tantrums coming to an end and all that. Erm no, we've had a full on stropathon today which resulted in a huge tantrum during a lunchtime treat at the disney cafe in Harrods. I have never seen the doormen open the doors so quickly on our way out.

Thankfully Joan Collins junior and her teething baby brother are both tucked up snugly in bed and I'm free to blog....for now. 

So here's what the little lady wore:
White Polo Shirt: Ralph Lauren Kids
Kitten knee leggings & cream card: H&M kids
Laceless Broderie pumps: Next
Handbag: A gift Great-Grandma brought her from Singapore. 


  1. Joan Collins junior! hahaha! :) She looks so cute, such a little fashionista, I think Summer needs those leggings xxx

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    1. Summer would look so cute in these leggings too! They also come in grey, wish I'd bought both pairs but they're sold out in E's size now :(

  2. Those leggings are so cute x

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    1. Aren't they adorable!! Thanks Susan xx


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