Nails of the Week:DIY Springtime Gel Nail Art

If cosmetics were medicines then nail polish would surely be my happy pill! I was feeling a little down in the dumps yesterday and treated myself to some new nail paint, I love how something so simple ( and cheap) can change your look.  I was already wearing Red Carpet Manicure gel in Violetta Darling and although I love the longevity of gel, yes, it does can a little boring after a while. Que some impromptu nail art and an excuse to try out my new purchases. 

Base colour throughoutRed Carpet Manicure in Violetta Darling
Little finger and index finger: in Violetta Darling Top Coat- Barry M Aquarium in Treasure Chest. 
Index Finger:  I painted on the white chevrons using Barry M Nail Art Pen in white, the lines are a bit wobbly and I found it totally impossible to do my left hand. I have since found some really cool tutorials on Pintrest doing chevrons using sticky tape, I'm so going to try this method next time. 
Middle finger and thumb: I used the Barry M nail art pen once again to paint on the dots of the flower and popped a gold nail stud from Andrea Fullerton in the centre whilst the paint was still wet. I then layered on two coats of Seche Vite top coat just to secure the studs and add some gloss. 

 Of course the beauty of gel is that I can remove all the nail art and still be left with a glossy coat of nail polish should I get bored. I still have a few more polishes to try out and will be posting some more soon.


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