This Mama Loves: Maybelline Baby Lips

My daughter is definitely a girly girl, so I was fully resigned to the fact that it would only be a matter of time before she raided my make-up stash, I just didn't expect it to happen at 29 months!! 
She has a bit of a thing for tubes of Maybelline baby lips, thankfully her favourite is the blue tube which is colourless so I don't get in too much trouble with Mr Jones. We do sometimes get in a bit of a tussle though because I'm a little bit in love with this lip balm too. 
My lips  have been constantly dry for well over a year thanks to dehydration from pregnancy and I now suspect that breastfeeding isn't helping matters much either. I popped the blue tube, called ' hydrate '  in my basket in Boots a few weeks back, without giving them much thought. When I finally got around to trying this out, I was so pleased with the results that I went back and bought myself Peach Kiss and  Pink Punch.

Peach Kiss: On my lips this comes out more like a shimmering nude than a peach, I often wear this under as a base for nude lipstick just for that extra bit of moisture. I find this shade equally as moisturising as the clear Hydrate lip balm (blue tube).  Smells yummy too.....    

Pink Punch: This is my absolute favourite, it's a vibrant pink which reminds me of a diluted Mac Candy Yum Yum. I love neon lips and this would definitely be a good way to get used to the look of bright lipstick if it's something you're a little scared to try out. This shade is quite buildable too so can layer it up to a certain extent whilst getting all the benefits of a lip balm.

Now I love me a bargain almost as much as I love treating myself to a luxury product, these lip balms are just £2.99 in Boots and they often seem to be on offer. I'm a bit of a  lip balm junkie, what else should I try? Suggestions please!!


  1. Wheres your necklace from? i love it!!! x

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    1. Thanks lovely, it was a birthday gift sent from my relatives in Greece but I've managed to find the shop on Etsy, the seller is called Prigkipw and they have a whole collection to match this necklace x

  2. thanks for this - will give them a go! X

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