Mini Me Shoes

I was reading an article a few weeks ago about Mini Me dressing ( which is basically dressing your child in miniature versions of your  own clothes, a la Suri and Katie) And it got me thinking....
I'm kind of at odds with the whole idea of dressing my daughter like a mini version of myself. She always looks so sweet and cute, they aren't babies for long and I think it would be a shame to make her look older than she is.
However, regular readers will know that I'm a bit of a shoeaholic. I spotted a pair of Baby Marc Jacobs mouse shoes and couldn't help thinking how cute she would look in a baby version of my own shoes. Obviously I'm not talking about putting little E in Louboutins I'm thinking more along the lines of ballet flats or high tops in a cuter, baby version ( rather than merely a smaller size). Here are some of my faves:

Mini Me shoes

Pink wedge / ChloĆ© leather flat  TOMS pink shoes,  / Zara Velour High-Top Sneaker / Pink Scallop Edge Shoes,  / Bloch London Baby Classica Bb424-Arg,  / Pink Pop Herringbone Tiny TOMS Classics,  / bloch

I'm loving these contrasting styles. What do you think of mini me dressing? Do you coordinate with your little one? I confess I often find that I dress myself and E in similar styles without realising!

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