#Blogging4Madeleine Blog Awareness Campaign

The lovely and ever thoughtful bloggers of  amummysview  and  Tea and Biscotti  are currently leading  a campaign #Blogging4Madeleine  for parent bloggers to raise awareness to the ongoing search for Madeleine McCann.

Today is Madeleine's 9th birthday and also roughly five years since she went missing whilst on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal on Thursday 3rd May 2007.

When Madeleine's disappearance first came to light in the media, like most people I felt for her parents and prayed for her safe return. However now that I have my own little girl, who is the most precious thing in the world to me, I can't even bring myself to contemplate what the McCanns have been through. Simply browsing the Find Madeleine website and reading the heartfelt descriptions of their daughter brings a tear to my eye. One thing is certain though and that is that the search for Madeline MUST continue. As is reiterrated in their website http://www.findmadeleine.com/ abducted children have still been found many years after their disappearance.

I can only hope that someone who reads one of these blog posts can help!
Should anyone have any information or to report any sightings then contact:
Below is an image of what she may look like now.

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  1. thanks so much for your support for the #blogging4madeleine campaign lovely. Lets hope this is the year she comes home x

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