Ten Things I Tell Myself Every Day

We're finally back from our trip to Athens for Greek Easter. Although the sun didn't shine every day, we managed to see our family and many of our lovely friends which more than made up for the weather.  I didn't get around to posting much while I was away but I have plenty of photos to upload and new posts planned so please stay tuned. In the meantime, here's a meme to keep you going.

 I was tagged in this great meme quite a few weeks ago by the fantastic Zena-Marie of the Fabulous Mom's Guide  and I'm a bit ashamed that it has taken me so long to post my own version but..... better late than never I guess!

If you haven't been around to check out the Fabulous Mom's Guide then you absolutely must, it's jam packed with scrummy cakes and tips for fabulous Mamas. My description by no means does this great blog justice so please take a look for yourselves HERE

Here are ten things that I tell myself everyday:

1. Starbucks skinny lattes with sugar free syrup are definitely allowed on the Dukan Diet

2. I will find time to go to the gym, tomorrow

3. Going to the gym makes me more hungry anyway and therefore makes me fat

4. I must become more organised

5. I will blog at least every other day

6. To treat people how I would like to be treated myself

7. If people are unpleasant for no reason then I should leave it to karma rather than trying to handle them myself. There's only so long someone can go around treating people badly without it coming back on them in some way.

8. It's ok to let E watch a few minutes of baby TV, it's educational!

9. It's fine to spend money on my hair, after all I wear it every day!

10. Expensive shoes are a necessity not a luxury.

My next job is tag some more lovely bloggers, as always if you've already received this/ don't have time/ can't be a***d then please ignore. Otherwise, I look forward to reading your lists:





  1. Hey Mrs Jones, Sorry for the delay in commenting, things have been a bit manic since we got back from filming. Thanks so much for all the lovely mentions.
    Great list especially No.3 That is so true and my kids loved baby TV. It IS educational.

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    1. Hi, wow filming sounds very glam!!
      Glad I'm not the only one who thinks both those points are true :)


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