My Ultimate 'Pram-pushing ' Shoe! ;)

Now I am very much a 'Trainers should only be worn in the gym' kinda gal! But I could totally make an exception for these Isabel Marant Perkins leather and suede sneakers ( if my bank balance were to allow it!!)

Since I became pregnant last year, I have hardly been able to wear my beloved heels and the concealed wedge on these just looks so comfy!!! Even Boyonce has been sported wearing these whilst carrying little Blue Ivy in her arms. I'm hoping Office come out with a high street version sharpish!!!


  1. LOVE Isabel Marant, I bought a pair of boots from Office exactly like her Dicker boots... now I just have to save for the real thing!! Xxx

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    1. I just checked out the office boots and they are IDENTICAL, you don't need to save for the real thing!!! I can't find anything like the Perkins boots though :(


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