Nails of the week- OPI Gelcolor in Malaga Wine

Some people can recall what they wore on significant days in their lives, others remember what the weather was like or perhaps what perfume they wore. Well, I remember what nail polish I had on, did I mention I was a teeny bit obsessed??

The day Mr Jones asked me to marry him, I was wearing Malaga Wine by OPI

On my wedding day I wore Cute as a button by Essie

On my honeymoon, I wore Malaga Wine, again!

The day my daughter was born, I wore Tiger Blossom by Gelish

So as you can imagine, when OPI announced that they were introducing their own gel polish  called Gelcolor I was as excited as only a self diagnosed nail polishaholic could be!!! The range would consist of the companies best selling shade which of course included one of my favourites, Malaga Wine. It's just one of those colours that always looks chic, you have to try really hard to make it look bad no matter how scruffy the rest of you may be.

Now that I have finally gotten my hit and given OPI's gel a whirl, I'm embarassed to say that I was just the slightest bit dissapointed with it. The brush is no where near as good as the brush on their regular polish, causing the gel to be quite thick in consistency and consequently harder to apply neatly. It also means that the colour is much deeper so the effect is more like four coats of regular polish. But seriously, it's not enough to make me complain about getting at least a week's chip free wear out of my favourite shade!!

Below, I have the regular Malaga Wine on my index finger and the other two fingers have gel, you can see the gel is just the slightest bit darker.

Some more picage:

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Thanks for reading! have a great weekend everyone x


  1. LOVE tiger blossom, gorgeous xxx

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    1. Thanks :) Can't wait for summer so I can break out all the bright nail colours once again! x

  2. Oh Mrs Jones, you really are fabulous. I love that you remember what varnish you wore on your most special days and that you gave birth without so much as a chip. After reading your post I booked myself a mini mani, am going to try the new gel polish. I looks great on you.

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    1. Thank you Zena-Marie, most flattering :) I promise I remember the important stuff too and not just trivial things like nails hehe
      Definitely try the gel, that's the only reason I had chip free polish the day my daughter arrived! xxxx

  3. These are so my colours! I usually have red nails. I even wear shimmery red for Christmas.

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    1. Lol me too!! I have one called Ruby Slippers which invariably makes an appearance every December!! x


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