Babyliss Big Hair Styler Review

I have the most frizzy, thick and coarse nightmare hair known to man and I have been using hair straighteners for many many years to tame my locks. But as wonderful as straightners are, my hair always looks flat and they do seriously damage your hair. I had read lots of rave reviews for the Babyliss Big Hair Styler and I wasn't sure that it would work on my very difficult hair. I have amassed a huge number of points on my boots advantage card ( mainly due to all the baby products we buy there) so I decided to treat myself to the Babyliss Big Hair styler.

It did take me a few goes to get the technique right and in the end I searched for tutorials on youtube and found this really helpful video below. You need to rough dry your hair until it's about 75% dry then section your hair and use the Big Hair Styler to create volume and to smooth your hair. This device basically combines using a round brush and a heavy hair dryer making it so much easier to style your hair yourself, especially at the back, which I always find awkward. If you aren't able to make it to the salon for regular blowdries then this would be a pretty good substitute. I have never had so many compliments about my hair, and I've even been stopped in the street to ask where I get my hair blowdried!!! Big Hair Styler, I love you!!!

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