No Scream Dream

During my pregnancy, my skin became super sensitive and waxing was even more excruciating than usual. On a visit to Strip wax bar in Chelsea, the sales assistant recommended Relax and Wax's No Scream Cream. I tried the cream out at the time and it didn't make a huge difference to the pain levels so I stashed it away in my cosmetics cabinet and promptly forgot about it. Until last week, when I decided to give the No Scream Cream a go on my now non hormonal skin and I'm happy to say that the waxing hurt considerably less than usual! It took the edge off the whole ordeal and possibly reduced the pain by as much as half.
The active ingredient in No Scream Cream is benzocaine, which is a topical anaesthetic. You need to apply the cream to the area you're going to wax about 45 mins before and then wipe off any excess before you start waxing. It's ideal for small areas such as underarms or bikini line.
P.S. A large glass of champagne before hand works wonders too!!!!

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