Mock Croc

Walking along Fulham Road the other day, I noticed a new salon offering real snake skin manicures and pedicures!!! Intrigued, I searched for some images to see what could justify the whopping price tag ( £20 for one finger!) and whilst I love unique and innovative nail art, I think I'll stick with snake skin on my handbags!!!

Animal print nail art is everywhere at the moment, Barry M have even brought out a croc effect crackle polish which I picked up in Boots for the grand price of £3.99. Ok so it isn't snake skin but the overall effect is a bit more me. I managed to do a quick manicure whislt Estella had a nap. I even snapped a few photos for the blog but I smudged it soon after whilst clipping the nappy bag on to the pram!!

I used two coats of Essie- Sand Tropez and one coat of the Barry M Croc Effects. I did notice that when I initially swatched the two polishes, using only one coat of  Sand Tropez, the croc effect came out much smaller and more defined, which I actually preferred! This is also a lot shinier than the standard Barry M black crackle polish, so I didn't bother with a top coat. Et Voila:


  1. Wow I didn't know they did a proper crocodile one- may have to invest if the cracked on grows on me! x

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    1. Yeah crackle's a bit of a funny one isn't it, I always prefer it on other people but unsure of it on myself! Yours looked fab though :)


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