A Five Star Pressie!!

As my little one's name means violet star, we are gradually accumulating a collection of clothing and accessories with this theme. But nothing that we have bought even comes close to being as clever as this star wrap blanket by Tuppence and Crumble which was a Christmas gift from my sister. Here's little E doing a spot of modelling:

I think most mothers have been in the situation where they take their little ones out for a walk to send them to sleep, then decide to stop for a coffee or some lunch. But, it's a little bit warm indoors so you try to take the baby's arms and legs out of their pramsuit without waking them and then, bingo! All hell breaks loose!! Well the star wrap resolves this problem, it's basically a very clever pramsuit made from a fleecy fabric. It's ideal to use in a buggy, car seat or a baby carrier and because there are no zips or buttons and it is also quite loose fitting, you can easily unwrap the little one without waking them. It comes in various different colours but we have heather which matches our violet ( I did say there was a theme!!) Stokke Xplory stroller perfectly, we like!!!

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