Nailberry L'Oxygene & Fast Dry Gloss

Nailberry has been on my radar for some time now, they're a local brand with a nail salon at South Kensington and I have often drooled over their pretty little bottles in the beauty section of Anthropologie. Best of all they're a non-toxic brand which I love! Most of their polishes are 4Free and their new L'Oxygene Collection is 5Free, vegan and cruelty free.

Nailberry very kindly sent me over their Fast dry gloss to try out and also a beautiful bright red from the L'Oxygene collection called Pop My Berry. Over the years I've been quite loyal to Seche Vite top coat, which is admittedly pretty amazing, especially for busy mums. What isn't so great though is all the chemicals inside so I have been trying various alternatives but the results were all pretty lame in comparison to good old seche. Until now.... Nailberry's Fast Dry Gloss is my new Holy Grail top coat, it leaves a beautiful glossy finish. Whilst it isn't quite as fast to dry as Seche, I can totally handle waiting a few more minutes if that means skipping any nasty chemicals!

Pop My Berry is a stand out all year round bright red, although it does feel like summer is on it's way with it on my toes! I get a good two days wear out of it, which is usual for me. Pop My Berry is part of the L'Oxygene collection which has an innovative new formula designed to allow the nail to breathe, resulting in healthier nails. I've had gels on for a few months so this is exactly what I need!

All in all I'm super impressed with my first taste of Nailberry polish, who prove to us that there's just no need for nasty chemicals in nail polish anymore!! I can't wait to try out more of their collection, LOVE!!


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