Keep Your Overheads Low – How to Buy Office Supplies Painlessly

If you run your own business, you know that some costs, just like death and taxes (especially taxes), are simply unavoidable. There’s wages, rent or mortgage payments, insurance and cleaning, for example. You try your best to save money on these running costs, but there is also a multitude of smaller expenses that you can save money on – office supplies, mainly. You can’t do without them, but thankfully, unlike rent and wages, you can always save a few pounds if you’re canny and think ahead.

Set up or join a group purchasing organisation (GPO)

A GPO works as a large group to give the member businesses the same purchasing power as larger companies and conglomerates when it comes to buying in bulk and getting decent volume discounts. You usually don’t pay any joining fees – these groups are funded either by commission on individual orders or the vendors themselves pay fees to receive regular large orders. If you join a GPO you can save as much as 80% on your regular items – pens, paper, notepads and so on. 

Buy in new supplies well before you run out

This is an obvious, but often overlooked, way to save money. If you buy your essentials in plenty of time, all you need to do is head to the stationery cupboard for more, rather than dashing out to the nearest shop. Once you’re at the shop you’ll not only be paying more than you need to, you’ll almost certainly end up making an impulse purchase. If you know of website which sells Canon cartridges cheaply, bookmark it!

Older models can be very attractive

When you’re buying equipment and furniture, just buy the next model or machine down from the most up-to-date one. Maybe even a couple of models down. You’ll always pay a premium for the latest gadget or item, so just don’t! Additionally, shops and online retailers are usually keen to get rid of them to make room for newer stock so you could bag some bargains.

Go for quality

Buy the best you can afford, as it’ll last longer and won’t need as many repairs. Some generic brands are just as good as name brands, but always be careful – maybe consult a review site first to see what others have to say. Not all expensive items are worth the extra money and not all bargains are low-quality. Just exercise your judgement and do a bit of homework. Click here for more information on review sites.

Buy as much as you can online

Online shopping is as cheap, if not cheaper than instore shopping, especially if you’ve joined that GPO or you’re a member of a wholesale store. As well as the purchase savings, you won’t be spending time or money travelling to and from the store (only to find what you want isn’t in stock…) and you’re just as likely to spot flash discounts and offers as you would “in person”.

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