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Having two young children share a bedroom was initially a bit of a juggling act to begin with. At bedtime they would often keep each other awake so we'd have to take one of them in to another room to get them off to sleep and then gently carry them back to their beds. Equally if one of them woke up in the night, they would of course wake the other one up. Now that we've passed this initial phase they find comfort in having each other in the room at bedtime. We snuggle up and have stories together and then lights off. I have kept the room pretty neutral but now that Rufio is almost ready to move out of the toddler bed to a single bed, I thought it would be a great opportunity for us to have a bit of a revamp. Here are some of my favourite ideas.

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1. Chose a gender neutral colour scheme - Our room is currently white and grey which not only looks lovely but it provides a calming backdrop without being too distracting. I also love the look of monochrome rooms with rainbow accents. A pastel colour palette could work well for boys and girls shared rooms too.

2. Chose a colour scheme they both agree on-  For example both of my children love the colour Turquoise which is great because it's pretty gender neutral too and you can find plenty of room decor and furniture that works well for boys and for girls.

3. Split the room half and half- By selecting two colours that compliment each other, it would be relatively easy to decorate one side of the room in girly hues and boyish tones over the other side. That way you could select some images for girls or Boys bedroom ideas allow them to chose whichever they like best.

4. Double bed - I remember seeing and article on this on one of my favourite blogs, Babyccino kids. She has two boys and two girls and because they would often snuggle up in each others beds in the night, she decided to put them in double beds. I'm not sure that this would work for us though as both of my children are quite mobile at night!

5. Create a partition  If you have the space you could create a partition either using a curtain or perhaps bookshelves to give each child some degree of privacy and independence which is especially great for older kids.

Do your kids share a room?

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