Girls Rainbow / Rainbow Dash Hair Tutorial

On the last day before half term, E had mufti day in school to raise money for Great Ormond Street hospital. The theme was 'Bad Hair Day' which left me with a bit of a conundrum.

You see, it's virtually impossible to make E's beautiful curls look bad!!

Compliments on her curls and the beautiful blond ombre shade are pretty much a daily occurrence, with people stopping me and asking me how I style her hair.

I don't!

She wakes up and it looks amazing, we just use a detangler and a tangle teaser to brush it gently.

I guess I'm always amazed by her hair because mine is just so awful. It's thick, coarse and seriously difficult to manage, one of the reasons why I hacked it all off into a Lob.

Anyway, I digress. E and I decided to alter the theme of the day to crazy hair as she's seriously in to My Little Pony at the moment, especially Rainbow Dash and her distinctive rainbow mane. So Rainbow dash became our inspiration for the day.

School mornings are always a rush with a 4 year old and an unruly 2 year old so I needed something that wouldn't take up too much time. A little bit of research lead me to non- toxic hair chalks on eBay, which were an absolute steal at £2.50

Here's now we achieved the effect in minimal time:

Hair Chalks in assorted colours
Water Spray
Hair Brush
2 Crocodile Hair Clips
Old Towel

1. Place an old towel over the shoulders

2. Brush out any knots

3. Section off your first area at the front with a crocodile clip. I used segments of about 2-3 cms but of course you can adjust this according to how many colours you're going to use.

4. Chose your first rainbow colour,  we started with pink.

5. Spray the hair with water, focusing on the ends if you're going for an ombre effect as we did. The more water you use the more intense the colour.

6. Starting from the middle ( for ombre) run the chalk along the hair and repeat according to how strong you want the colour to be.

7. Once you have finished with this segment, clip it out of the way and section of your next chunk of hair and repeat the instructions above.

8. Repeat until you have the desired rainbow effect

9. You can give the hair a quick blast with the hair dryer if it's still wet, this supposedly helps seal in the colour too.

Et Voila!! Rainbow Hair!!

It was a huge success, she couldn't stop admiring it and keeps coming up with excuses for me to do it again.

P.S. This is totally temporary and washed off after one shampoo.


  1. LOVE!! Wow her hair looks great! I know a 4 year old who would love Rainbow dash hair :) XX

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    1. Thanks Steph! Yes Rainbow Dash is definitely the Pony of the moment :)


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