Little Jones London: E's First Ballet Class

At two and a half, little E is starting to get in to all things girly. She is currently obsessed with princesses, tiaras, mama's make-up and ballerinas. Now that Rufio is on baby mush and our lives don't revolve around feeds quite so much, I'm finding it much easier to get out in the daytime and so I thought it would be a great opportunity to look in to some classes for E. Baby ballet seemed like just the thing for my aspiring princess. I had a hunt around online and so many of the classes I looked at sounded very formal, some not even allowing parents in the room during class!! Finally I discovered the Kensington Ballet School who specialise in structured but fun classes for little ones and sounded just perfect. 

On the day of our trial class, E was so excited that she totally wore herself out and fell asleep on the way to class ( she gave up naps at 22 months!!) Despite her siesta, she woke up and danced her little socks off with all the other baby ballerinas. Meanwhile I sat on the sidelines and tried my bestest not to blub, baby ballet is just the sweetest thing. Watching my baby girl, who can be a little shy at times, learn ballet through a mixture of nursery rhymes, classical music and fairytales was seriously heart melting.

Since having my two little ones I feel like time is constantly on fast forward and I find myself forgetting so much, I'm not sure if it's still baby brain or as I saw in an Instagram image recently 'my brain has too many tabs open'! So, I've decided to document more of our memories here on my blog. In the past there have been things that I've debated posting on here and haven't because I didn't feel that they fit in but I have reasoned with myself that that's the beauty of a lifestyle blog, I can post whatever I wish :) and if nothing more it will serve as a reference for me second time around.

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