Baby Got New Wheels

A friend of mine once commented  how on first impressions women often check out each others handbags but once they have a baby then this progresses to prams and strollers. I love my Stokke Xplory so much and have never had so much as an ounce of pram envy, even walking around the streets of Chelsea where so many mama's seem to have a different stroller for each day of the week. I swear that I have seen some mamas with Bugaboo donkey's, no babies inside and instead the seats are filled with Jimmy Choo and Chanel shopping bags.......

Mr Jones recently suggested that we should think about buying something more lightweight along the lines of a Maclaren and I have to admit, I did get a little defensive. Like most mama's I'm sure, I spent ages choosing the right travel system for us and for our little one and a Maclaren just seemed dull in comparison. To add to my frustrations, all the relatively attractive collapsible strollers seemed to cost an absolute fortune.

Then I struck gold when I came across a gorgeous limited edition, Cath Kidston floral print Maclaren Quest on Winstanley's Pramworld website for a  very very reasonable price. I was sold,( although should our next little one be a boy then I may have to rethink this purchase). The pram arrived within 24 hours and the delivery was free!

My sister also owns a regular Maclaren Quest and we have noticed that the Cath Kidston model does lack some of the features of the regular Quest, such as fully reclining seats- ours only recline 3/4 of the way down- but little E doesn't seem to have any trouble falling asleep in it. It isn't anywhere near as smooth a ride as our Stokke but then I didn't really expect that it would be and as it's so lightweight it is still relatively nimble. One of the only design flaws of the Stokke is does take a while to learn how to collapse so Maclaren is a dream in comparison.

I still prefer to use the Stokke, it looks cooler, it's easier on my back, much sturdier than the Maclaren which tips constantly if you hang anything from the handles when it's empty but little E has other ideas and absolutely adores the Maclaren. She loves going out in it and can often be found pushing it around the house. So, for now, Mr Jones has promised to find me a bumper sticker for the pushchair saying ' My other pram is a Stokke!' ............


  1. I love this, prams and buggys have gotten so trendy this past few years.

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    1. I know! and choosing one is like buying a car!!

  2. so nice baby . i like all pics .
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