The Versatile Blogger Award

I was a teeny bit excited the other day because, look what I received.......

Isn't it lovely? This gorgeous award does of course come with some conditions ( what doesn't!)

1. Thank the blogger who has awarded you and link back to them.
2. Share seven things about yourself
3. Pass the award along to 5 [insert your own number here if you fancy more or less, I won't tell] other newly discovered blogs

I am a bit of a drama queen and have always wanted to win an award and give an acceptance speech so here goes:

I would like to thank the very sweet  Bubba Babble  for nominating me for this award which I am most flattered to accept.

Seven Things About Me:

  1. I am convinced that I could quite easily live off ice cream, and that alone!
  2. I am fluent in four languages: English ( debatable) Greek, French and German
  3. I read magazines from the back to the front, a trait I picked up from my mother- Thanks Mama!
  4. My feet seem to have grown half a shoe size since Estella was born, although I am secretly hoping it's still a bit of baby weight so that I can wear my favourite once Louboutins again. Do feet even gain weight ?
  5. No matter how tired I am, I always wide awake by about 11pm - I blame my fathers Greek genes for that one. So if you ever see me blogging or Tweeting late at night, you know why....
  6. After my first degree in languages, I went back to university and completed an MSC in finance, it was one of the most difficult and demanding things I have ever done but I felt a huge sense of achievement on graduation day.
  7. I was once stopped and asked for directions to Sloane Street by Kylie Minogue! Living in central London, celebrity sightings are pretty common but I have been a huge fan of hers since the age of about 7. Nevertheless despite being stupidly starstruck, I replied very calmly, walked away still pretty calm and then then once around the corner I squealed down the phone to my mother, sister... anyone who would listen. P.S. She really is the tiniest person I have ever seen, I felt like a giant next to her and I am only 5'3!
Now I'm going to admit that I am a teeny bit behind with my meme's and posts that I have been tagged in. So, I apologise to anyone who has tagged me and I completely understand if the lovely ladies who I'm nominating don't have time to continue this or perhaps have already received this.
Anyhow, here's my choice of fabulously versatile blogs. I couldn't decide so I have chosen 6:

Beyond the nappy bag


  1. aww thank you sweetheart. I am very honoured that is lovely I shall of course accept and post about my lovely award with a big thank you xxx

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  2. Don't think I've forgotten about my fab award (!) I just can't think of 7 things at the moment!! Xxx

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    1. Don't worry sweetie, I'm behind on a few meme's myself for that very reason xxxx

  3. I finally did this! Thanks again x

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    1. Yey!! Just been over to have a look :)
      Glad you're still loving the ipad3, I'm trying to blog from an ipad1 this week, booooo



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