Mam Perfect Soother- with steriliser box!!

Chez Jones, we love Mam products, especially their soothers and self- sterilising bottles! I noticed this new Mam soother in Mothercare and thought the sterilising box sounded like a great idea. I have been caught out a few times without a spare and combined with a frustrated baby, it wasn't a pretty sight. The other great thing about the sterilising box- and this also applies to their self sterilising bottles- is that if you go away, you don't have to lug around a steriliser or microwave bags!!
That said, I do think that £5.75 is a lot to pay for one soother so really you are paying for the sterilising box . I had a hunt around online and found that boots also do a steriliser box for soothers that costs just £1.30!!! This would also be useful if you baby prefers another brand.
However, the pastel shade of the 'Perfect' soother is super cute. Also the design makes the soother look quite subtle- unlike some that look like garish bath plugs!!!


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