Memories of Growing Up

 When I was growing up, my mother used to measure my sister and I against a door frame to record our heights. As a London mum, my home feels quite transient, I know that our current home isn't forever so I've never been able to follow this tradition, until now. Memories of Growing Up, a local London brand founded by mum of three, Camilla Warren has just the solution. They have come up with Tall Tape- a roll-up height chart that is portable and can be passed on as a keep sake through generations. It's much easier to write on than a wooden door frame and it comes with it's own sharpie pen. Quite cleverly, Tall Tape could also be used flat on the floor to measure your baby, before they are able to stand up!

I'm all about creating and preserving memories for the children, they grow so fast and I try so hard to treasure every moment.  Memories of Growing Up also stock some gorgeous trinkets and keepsakes that would make amazing gifts to help us mamas preserve precious moments. One of my top picks has to be the beautifully designed memories USB stick and my absolute favourites - the bee design memories capsule necklace and charm bracelet. Both come with a teeny capsule that you could use to keep a lock of hair or a message close to you wherever you go.


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