Operation Hair Repair

Ugh my hair has just been so vile lately, even viler (is that a word?) than usual!
In a bid to reign back my spending on cosmetics, I decided to try out 'supermarket brands' for my hair but they just aren't doing it for me. My hair has the appearance and texture of straw and NO I will not get it cut!

Then I had a brainwave to re-purchase Kevin Murphy's Hydrate Me wash and rinse. I came across this brand a few years ago after having a Brazilian Blow dry in Harrods. They are free from sulphates (which break down the chemicals in a Brazilian Blow dry) and don't contain any parabens either. I developed a serious aversion to products containing parabens during my pregnancy and have continued to search out paraben free products ever since.

Many shampoos and conditioners leave yucky residues behind but not this one and after a week's use my hair is already feeling hydrated and generally in better condition. The unique block shaped packaging not only looks cool but it's also very practical to pack when travelling. The shampoo lathers really well and did I mention how great it smells too? I Love love love this stuff although I do hate the way they are called wash and rinse instead of shampoo and conditioner- far to confusing for my little blonde baby brain!!!

I usually order mine from Amazon for around £15 each and ok that's not exactly a bargain but I look at it this way: I would happily spend £30 on a jumper and I don't wear that every day, my hair I do wear every day and even though these products are expensive, a little goes a VERY long way. Therefore I declare these products an investment in decent ( hopefully) hair!

I've also tried his Angel and Luxury ranges but they didn't do anything for me so you really need to find the right range for your hair type. However one other great product in this range which deserves a mention is Body Guard which is a fantastic multipurpose product ( love my multipurpose products!) it's both a hydrating leave in cream and a heat protector.

A bientot my lovelies xxxx

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